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Time Travel as an impossible result of Quantum Theory



Here's a little tidbit I just ran across.

Regarding how time skews equations in Quantum Theory, here's a quote (from the very end of the article):

..."But Hawking has already done it, with a much simpler idea. Suppose the universe is undergoing the Big Crunch, when all the stars and galaxies come raining down, and the universe is rolled up into a little ball, as it was during the Big Bang. Suppose we want to calculate the instantaneous four-dimensional radius of the universe:

dR = sqrt( dr**2 - dt**2 )

When the rate of change becomes zero, the spatial radius of the universe is very small, but non-zero, all because of the minus sign contributed by time. And time squared is negative only because time is an imaginary number. This is another way of saying time travel in the physical universe is impossible. The past and future of the physical universe do not exist."...

It's from:


Very impressive article at http://members.aol.com/Thales97/physic21.htm
The author covers a LOT of ground. I don't have the knowledge it takes to grasp the concepts of many of the equations we often see plastering the pages of QM academic papers, but I do understand that mathematitions and physicists often take the liberty to insert imaginary terms into their equations in order to "force" a desired result. And the result they are looking for quite often has no application in the "real" world. Theoretical Physics is just that -- playing mind games with numbers! I agree with the statement that "...time travel in the physical universe is impossible", but not because it can be "proven" mathematically, but because it doesn't make sense logically.