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Time Travel and a "GOD" would be Contradiction


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Time Travel and a \"GOD\" would be Contradiction

How would you be able to time travel if a "GOD" existed. Most religions that have a "GOD" say that he has always existed. If you could keep going back in time, there would be no begining if God has been around forever. If you can't reach a begining, how would you ever be able to pick a certain point in time to travel to and how could you get back? We only use time because we are immoral. If we could live forever, we would eventually have no use for time.

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RE: Time Travel and a \"GOD\" would be Contradiction

God is as much of a theory as time travel. There is no proof!!
RE: Time Travel and a \"GOD\" would be Contradiction

When you refer to god are you talking about "the invisible man who lives in the sky"

or something else? time/space-multi-universe

travel is a personal experience. its rare for two people to travel using this method.

is that any help?
RE: Time Travel and a \"GOD\" would be Contradiction

When I refer to "God", I'm talking about the highest and supreme existese. Not a person or being but something that has existed which put 1 + 1 together and built the universe. Time travel would therefore be impossible for us because how could we go back in time and be able to survive in a void, a place where nothing exists except space. If you could time travel there would be so much we could never understand, such so complex concepts of creation and beyond that our brains would bleed if we got just a taste of it. Thanks for reading my thoughts, but this discussion board is just people's fantasies. A theory of how we could time travel might exist, but actually time traveling would never happen. Sorry to be an asshole and crush your dreams, but this is reality. Dreams rarely ever come true. They just sit there and rot in our minds and eventually decay into nothing.

RE: Time Travel and a \"GOD\" would be Contradiction

God is a paradox unto Himself. Theoretically speaking, is both omniscient and omnipotent (all seeing and all powerful). But if God knows the future, that means the future is set. That means that God cannot change the future. If God can change the future, then He cannot see the future because it is fluid.

It's one of those paradoxes like "what's the sound of one hand clapping". I hate those paradoxes, because I always seem to have answers to all of them.

In my opinion, If God is omniscient AND omnipotent, that means that God can see all futures and choose whichever He likes.

RE: Time Travel and a \"GOD\" would be Contradiction

If there was a God I would not be as unhappy as I am right now. I think there is more chance of time travel than there being a God!
RE: Time Travel and a \"GOD\" would be Contradiction

I'm no expert but I have taken a philosophy class and thought you might find this argument interesting.

All particles are in motion. Our universe extends back in a cause and effect relationship to some point where you find an initial object that somehow instigates movement where none existed before. This unmoved mover is God.

I think it was Thomas Aquinas who posed the unmoved mover argument but I may be remembering that wrong. It is one of a few classic "god exists" arguments that exist in philosophy. Apologies to any philosophy majors out there for my crude explanation of the argument.

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