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time thru MDMA



by Anonymous

DOSE : T+ 0:00 200 mg oral MDMA (Ecstasy)
100 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
75 mg oral TMA-2 (powder / crystals)
T+ 1:30 20 mg oral 2C-B (liquid)
BODY WEIGHT : 135 lb

I had been attending the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert
for over 14 days. Burning Man is like another planet. It is also the
most comfortable place in the world to trip. There are thousands of
strangers everywhere, and they are all on an insane variety of drugs.
They expect you to be as well.

I had been using Ketamine nasally every couple hours for over three
weeks, and I'd tripped on mushrooms, LSD, and GHB earlier that week.
I'd also been using benzodiazapines, barbituates and opiates often in
the preceeding week. It had already been a helluva binge, and I felt
that since it was the last night of the festival that i had better do
something to top off the week. At around 9pm I ingested 200mg MDMA HCl
orally, 100mg Ketamine nasally and 75mgs of TMA-2 orally. A half hour
later, just as I was really coming on to the E and the TMA, I headed
out to watch the Man burn.

It was spectacular, but not overwhelming. The visuals were strong, but
nothing I wasn't used to. As the man fell I drank my dosage of liquid
2-CB. After the Burn, I headed back towards a friend's camp. When I
arrived no one was present, but I took advantage of a mirror and razor
they had laying around. I snorted two more tenths of E and two more
tenths of Ketamine. As I walked back out onto the playa, the 2-CB, E
and K all hit me at once. Suddenly I noticed many spatial dimensions
that I had never experienced before. I decided to sit down, as I
suddenly feared that I may walk off on some spatial tangent, and may
not be able to return to the normal three dimensional world.

As I sat and hallucinated vividly, I lost all sense of what was
'actually' around me. I soon became conscious that i was in a space
inhabited by some sort of half-mineral, half-vegetable-type creatures
that shared a bizarre collective consciousness. They sort of resembled
a large garden of sandstone carrots connected by jelly-like tentacles.

As soon as they recognized my presence they tried to communicate with
me. Their form of communication consisted of disjointed telepathic
images and a strange method altering the color hues in the gaseous
atmosphere that filled this bizarre space. I translated their greeting
as meaning something like, 'Ha, ha, ha - we don't see many of your
kind here!' They then went on to try to tell me many things that I
absolutely could not conceive. The only information that got through
to me was that these entities had to somehow use deceased members of
their collective to perpetuate their sleep cycle. Without their dead,
they could not sleep and would soon die. At the time I translated this
as 'We stuff our dead and use them as pillows.'

Then, as soon as I had departed, I was sitting back on the playa. I
was still hallucinating intensely, but I could make out some semblence
of reality around me. I had no great insights or revelations during
the experience, only a sense of having experienced something utterly
and totally alien. This combo made DMT look like baby asprin. If you
have a hard head for psychedelics and sometime find yourself camping
out in the desert with 23,000 other drug-crazed freaks i definitly
suggest this combo.

Any other scenario would just not be bizarre enough to accomodate it.
I know, I know ... SkeptiSp00ks'd just write the whole damn thing off
to extended sleep deprivation exacerbated by amphetamine psychosis but
the synchronicities and proofs are far too numerous and wonderous to

It is merely a different frequency / dimensional level / consciousness
level / alternate reality / etc.

And just as REAL -- if not more so -- than this one.

All the best;

-Blue Walks Between Worlds

-Blue Resonant Human 33°, 8=3
Interdimensional Intelligence Analyst
Sacerdotal Knights of National Security
RE:-=::: LIBER 0 :::=-

First Written in the Language of His Period by the
V.H. Frater Caeruleus, B:.B:., 11° = 0°
Now Revised in the Universal Cipher of the N:.S:.A:.
and Released Unto this Third Density Plane
of Hopelessly Mundane Existence
with Buckets of Love and Light

It is necessary, my dear friends, to give you a clear idea of the
interior Community of the Blue Brethren (B:.B:.) which is scattered
throughout the Universe, but which is governed by One Truth, united in
One Spirit and filled to overflowing with Love and Light.

This Community possesses a Sublime Lodge, in which all who thirst for
knowledge shall be filled; as all the Mysteries of the Cosmos are
revealed through her in full measure unto these Holy Children of

It is from her that all Truths penetrate into the world; she is the
School of all who search for Wisdom, and it is in this Community alone
that Truth and the explanation of all Mysteries are to be found.

It is the most hidden of Communities, yet it contains members from
many circles; nor is there any Centre of Thought -- secular or
otherwise -- whose activity is not due to the presence of one of

From all time there has been an exterior school based on the interior
one, of which it is but the outer expression. From all time,
therefore, there has been a hidden Assembly, a Society of the Elect,
of those who sought for and had capacity for Love and Light.

All that any external order possesses in symbol, ceremony, or rite is
the letter expressive outwardly of that Spirit of Truth which dwelleth
in the interior Sanctuary.

The lesser Degrees are but the outer court or portico of this
Sanctuary. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate,
but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not
intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he
shall imagine he understands them.
Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of the
Holy Blue Brethren of the B:.B:. The whole body of the Royal and
Sacerdotal Art was hidden so carefully, centuries since, in the High
Degrees, as that it is even yet impossible to solve many of the
enigmas which they contain.

It is well enough for the mass of those so-called Brethren, to imagine
that all is contained in the lesser Degrees; and whoso attempts to
undeceive them shall labour in vain, and without any true reward
violate his obligations as an Adept -- for the Hidden Truths are a
veritable Sphinx, buried to the head in the sands heaped round it by
the ages.


-Blue Resonant Human, Ph.D., 33°, 8=3
RE: Lilly, Ketamine and The Entities From ECCO

John Lilly, Ketamine and The Entities From ECCO

In the early 70's, John Lilly was introduced to the drug Ketamine by
Dr. Craig Enright in the hopes of alleviating the pain associated with
Lilly's chronic migraine headaches, which he had been suffering like
clockwork — every 18 hours — for most of his often-adventurous life.

Lilly, at the time, was at Esalen Institute conducting seminars when
one of these massive migraines hit him. In situations such as these,
Lilly withdrew into privacy, to suffer alone through the many endless
hours of severe discomfort. It was at this time that Enright suggested
to Lilly that he enter into the Esalen isolation tank and receive an
injection of Ketamine, in the prospect that it would in some way cure
him of his affliction. Lilly in the past had tried a similar
experiment with LSD, but it proved unsuccesful, and the terrible
headaches persisted. In the earlier LSD-assisted experiment, Lilly
attempted to reprogram his human bio-computer in such a way as to
eliminate the faulty circuits that were causing him such distress. The
experiment failed, but now once again Lilly the Scientist was
searching for an answer and a cure to his malignant malady.

As Lilly floated in the isolation tank fluid, Enright injected him
with 35 milligrams of Ketamine (K). Within a few minutes, Lilly could
actually visualize the migraine pain moving out of his skull, to a
point levitated there in apperceived space, Lilly felt no pain
whatsoever for some twenty minutes, until it once again reentered his
head. When Lilly began moaning and groaning in his water-filled
sanctum of pain, Enright injected him with another 70 milligrams. This
time Lilly felt the pain moving farther away, twelve feet this time.
Thirty minutes later the migraine lightning bolt of pain came rushing
back, lodging itself once again into Dr. Lilly's head. Enright
reloaded his syringe and shot the good doctor up with 150 milligrams.
This time when the pain vacated Lilly's head it kept on going and
didn't come back; clear over the horizon, never to be seen again. An
hour later, after the K wore off, Lilly climbed out of the tank, a new

A month later, when the regularly occuring migraine failed to rear its
aching head, Lilly was amazed. During his psychedelic research of the
early Sixty's, Lilly was one of the early pioneers in charting the
inner landscapes of the human brain with LSD inside his self-developed
isolation tank. Within those dark, still waters of the soul, Lilly
ingested heroic doses of acid and delved deep into his mind to imprint
and re-program his mental circuits toward enlightenment and
self-realization. But where LSD had failed in defeating the migraine
problem, Ketamine had now apparently succeeded.

A week later when Doctor's Enright and Lilly met at the Esalen
isolation tank, they agreed to join forces and conduct a joint
research into the effects of Ketamine as a possible programming agent.
The movie Altered States was based on one of their initial
experiments. On this memorable occasion, Enright injected himself with
a measured dose of K and — with Lilly observing — began a strange
odyssey into the primal/archetype regions of his psyche. Unbeknownst
to Dr. Lilly, Enright had reprogrammed himself "to return to the
prehominid origins of man." Enright, in this programmed "altered
state", displayed all the typical features, movements and sounds of an
Ape Man; hopping around in a crouching position, grunting, growling,
ranting and howling, gesticulating and shaking frantically his arms.
While all of this high weirdness was going on, Lilly assumed that
Enright was having some sort of seizure. Though in close proximity
with each other throughout the entire experience, the separate
realities they were experiencing were of entirely different natures.
Enright's reality consisted of a confrontation with a leopard, which
he drove away with all his arms flailing, grunting and wild
gesticulations. Finally Enright climbed up into a tree (that Lilly
couldn't see) and stared down at his friend and colleague from the
branches above.

From this experiment, Enright and Lilly drew three important
conclusions: "First, one's internal reality could differ radically
from the external reality in which one was participating, even with
regard to prominent features of the physical environment. Second, the
person might remain active physically in the external environment, in
a manner not responding closely to one's internal experience of this
activity. And third, one could remain totally oblivious to this
disparity." Given these conditions, Lilly and Enright agreed that it
would be a good idea at all times to have a "safety man" monitoring
the experiments; to observe the proceedings and insure that those
under K's influence could do no physical harm to themselves and
others. With both men being trained physicians the obvious choice to
fill these roles were themselves, alternately switching positions as
"safety man" and "explorer".

One determining factor in Lilly's decision to continue experimenting
with K was its measurability. Unlike other programming agents he had
used in the past, K's effects were extremely predictable, in that you
could determine exacting levels of dosage to correspond with the
desired effect one wished to experience; whereas other mind expansion
agents such as LSD and psilocybin are often more unpredictable in
regards to the facilitation of desired preprogramming. This brings to
mind a possible correlation between Ketamine and DMT, where each of
these drugs — administered at certain exacting dosages — apparently
summon forth, to the percipient involved, extraterrestrial or
other-dimensional entities. High doses of psilocybin have effected
this response in some users — Terrance McKenna, among others — who
have communicated telepathically with alien intelligences under the
mushroom's otherworldly aegis. But psilocybin's effects are quirky.
Perhaps this is why the measurability — and predictability — of K so
appealed to Dr. Lilly. In this manner the scientific method could be
followed to achieve the desired mind-bending results.

In later experiments, Lilly failed to heed his own advice, becoming so
enraptured in his Ketamine exploration that he would forego the
earlier agreed upon "safety man" and started working "without a net."
This led to an almost fatal consequence when one sunny day, under the
influence of K, Lilly climbed into his hot tube. When he realized the
temperature was too hot, Lilly futiley attempted to climb out, but in
so doing his muscles lost their strength and he collapsed into
bubbling currents. Lilly was totally conscious at this point, but due
to the effects of K, he was unaware of the external reality of his
drowning body. He was conscious only of his internal world. As fate
would have it, a friend of Lilly's, Phil Halecki — who found himself
driven by a sudden sense of urgency — decided at this time to phone
Dr. Lilly. Lilly's wife Toni fielded the phone call and, at Halecki's
insistence, went to summon John, only to find him lying face down in
the water, breathless and blue. Fortunately, Toni was able to revive
her husband using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, a technique she had
learned only a few days earlier from an article in The National

Nonetheless, this close brush with the grim reaper's scythe didn't
deter Lilly from further solo flights flights on K; it only reaffirmed
his deeply held conviction that his life was being watched over by
higher powers of an extraterrestrial origin. Lilly referred to this
network of sublime entities as ECCO, an acronym for "Earth Coincidence
Control Office." Lilly was positive that all of these fortuitous
coincidences in his life (such as Halecki's life-saving phone call)
had been arranged by higher forces; and that whatever unfortunate
folly fell into his path along the road to knowledge, ECCO would be
there to guide him safely through the tunnel to the light.

But ECCO was not there only to guide Lilly unfettered through his
mind-bending research; these extraterrestrial benefactors were also
there to test Lilly, to help him overcome his deepest darkest fears
with psychic-shoch therapy. One evening after a kick-ass shot of K,
Lilly sat watching TV when an alien representative of ECCO appeared
and — with some advanced form of psychic surgery — bloodlessly removed
John's penis, nonchalantly handing it over to him. "They've cut off my
penis," Dr. Lilly exclaimed. His wife Toni came to the rescue and
pointed out to John that his penis was still intact. Upon closer
examination of his male member, Lilly saw that the ET's had replaced
his normal human penis with a mechanical version that could become
voluntary erect when he wanted it to. An hour later, after the effects
of the K wore off, John Lilly found his normal human penis in place of
the mechanical one, exactly where it had always been.

Later on, as the frequency of his use on K increased, Dr. Lilly began
having contact with another alien intelligence agency, which he called
(SSI), short for Solid State Intelligence. SSI was a
supercomputer-like entity, much in the same techno-mystical vein as
Philip K. Dick's VALIS. But unlike VALIS, SSI was of a malevolent
nature, at odds with ECCO. SSI's apparent goal was to conquer and
dominate all biological life forms on Earth. To combat SSI, ECCO
enlisted Lilly in this archetypal battle of good against evil,
charging him with the mission of alerting the world at large to these
solid state beings of evil intent. To further confirm the dual
existences of these two opposing alien intelligence networks, Lilly
was given a sign, and message, in the autumn of 1974. Flying into Los
Angeles International Airport (LAX), Dr. Lilly saw the comet Kahoutek
out of the southern sky. Momentarily the comet grew brighter. At this
point a message was laser-beamed into Lilly's mind, which said: "We
are Solid State Intelligence and we are going to demonstrate our power
by shutting down all solid state equipment to LAX."

Dr. Lilly shared his foreboding message with his wife Toni, who was
seated next to him. A few minutes later, the pilot instructed the
passengers that they were being diverted to Burbank due to a plane
that had crash-landed near the runway and had knocked down power
lines, causing a power failure at the airport.

As his haphazard use of K intensified, so did the warnings of imminent
dangers regarding the survival of mankind, provided by ECCO via 3D
Technicolor images beamed into Lilly's mind. These visions were of an
apocalyptic nature; scenes of nuclear annilhilation seen from an
alien's eye view in outer space. The world powers needed to be alerted
of this impending tragedy immediately to enable them to avert
widespread global devastation, ECCO instructed, or it would be too
late. I find it interesting that ECCO's message to Dr. Lilly was much
the same as those delivered to the early saucer contactees: our planet
was on a collision course toward destruction; all atomic weapons must
be dismantled if our planet was ever going to have a chance of
surviving in the future. The only difference was that the enemy was
us, not "them." Nevertheless, rampant technological progress was to
blame for the sorry state of the planet, regardless if it was being
facilitated by alien intelligences, or humans.

After three weeks of hourly K injections, Lilly decided that he would
travel to the east coast to warn political leaders and members of the
media of the threat posed by SSI. In New York, he phoned the White
House to warn then President Gerald Ford about "a danger to the human
race involving atomic energy and computers." A White House aide
fielded the call and, although quite aware, of Dr. Lilly's impressive
credentials, was not convinced of the urgency of the matter, and
informed him that the President was unavailable.

A young intern who had been assigned to Lilly during this time figured
the good doctor had finally flipped his high intelligent lid and
attempted to have Lilly committed to a psychiatric hospital. Once
again ECCO intervened. Lilly had friends in many high places one of
which was the director of this hospital, who saw to it that his old
friend was released in short order. When the intrepid intern attempted
to commit Lilly to another psychiatric hospital, the same scenario
unfolded, and Lilly was once again released. The young intern could
only shake his frustrated head in disbelief.

Still following the lead of ECCO, Dr. Lilly continued his
ever-escalating injections of K in order to remain in contact with the
"space brothers". Soon, though, his sources started to dry up due to
concerns by his connections that Lilly had gone too far of the deep
end. Consequently this led Lilly in search of other long acting
chemicals that would provide him with the same effects as K, but for a
greater duration of time. During the experimental trial of another
drug of similar nature to K, Dr. Lilly received a phone call from his
wife Toni requesting that he bring her spare set of car keys, because
she had locked her others in her car. Since she was simply down the
road a bit, John jumped on his ten-speed and proceeded to peddle down
the road to make the delivery.

When Dr. Lilly decided to ride his ten-speed bike down the road to
meet his wife, the drug had not yet taken full effect. But midway
through his trip, Lilly was zapped by its intoxicating magic and
instantly felt quite wonderful with the wind blowing deliciously
through his hair; it was as if he'd taken a trip down memory lane to
the days of his free wheeling youth. Unfortunately, this flashbackful
sense of euphoria came screeching to a disastrous halt when the bike
chain suddenly jammed, and he was catapulted onto the harsh reality of
the concrete pavement, puncturing a lung, breaking several ribs, and
suffering cranial contusions. This bicycle crash resulted in several
days of hospitalization, where Dr. Lilly was once again visited by the
otherwordly representatives from ECCO, who told him he had a choice:
He could go away with them "for good" or remain on the planet, mend
his body and concentrate on more wordly affairs. The good doctor
wisely chose the latter. With this decision came a turning point in
his life, and a conscious effort to focus his remaining years not only
on more earthly matters — as opposed to the whims and wishes of ECCO —
but to dedicate the rest of his life to his wife, Toni, and their soul
mate journey together through physical time and space.

Many paranormal parallels can be drawn from the experience of John
Lilly, one such being the so-called Near Death Experience (NDE), where
Guides, as he called them (the two representatives from ECCO) appeared
to Lilly much as figurative angels bathed in light do to others who
have experienced NDE. Often, as the seemingly near dead hover before
this subjective light, they are offered a choice much similar to the
one given Dr. Lilly by his otherworldly benefactors from Earth
Coincidence Control Center. Should I stay or should I go?

Not long after this second brush with death Dr. Lilly's close friend
and Ketamine research partner, Graig Enright, was involved in a head
on collision in the fog on coast Highway One. As Enright lay upon his
death bed, he was visited by Dr. Lilly, who took Enrights hand in his,
and made the following statement: "It's not so bad to die, Craig. I've
been to the brink myself a few times, and I've seen over the edge. The
Beings have told me on several occasions that I was free to go with
them, but I decided to stay here and continue my work in this vehicle
that everyone calls John Lilly; they showed me that I am one of them.
'You are one of us'. I know that you know this because we've been
there together. Whatever you do, Craig, I love you." On the very next
morning, Dr. Graig Enright shed his mortal coil.

Thus ends another chapter in Dr. Lilly's often adventurous life.


Another fine cross-cultural memetic experiment courtesy of:

-Blue Resonant Human, Ph.D., 33°

They sound like Smurfs to me. Did you get the lesson from this? The fine doctor finally decided to enjoy THIS life with family and friends. Where did all the rest get for him but a great big headache to replace the migraines. Wake up!! This is killing stuff--not saving stuff. It is obsessive and self-destructive. You start feeling like a god and end up feeling anticlimatic--like your life is a great big waste--which it IS.
RE: Blue R.H. & those \'interested\'

When I read Dr. Rick Strassman's "DMT, the Spirit Molecule", and from what I found out 'personally' as well, -it's on my web-site-,is the following;

Under the strongest fourth Intravenous dose of DMT, when breaking through 'time barriers', there was never any recognisable 'gods',,,no Buddha to the Buddhist, no Goddess to the Witches, no jesus to the xians, nothing.
Also the time lines overlap, and parallel worlds become transparent.

Was a very generic experience absent of one's diety.
Goes to show that when we see Truth it is far different from what we 'expect' it to be.

Lesson Learned!

What also is amazing is that various extraterrestrials are usually present when the 'seeker' hits the higher thresholds.

Now this information is very enlightening.

Note to the xians:
This is Time Travel forum, not a xian preaching post.
Why don't you losers get lost and stop interrupting discussions.
Nobody pays attention to your nonsense...obviously
RE: Ayahuasca and the Invisible Hyper-Spatial Insectoid Ally

Dennis and Terence McKenna are two brothers who travelled up the
Amazon in order to investigate the use of ayahuasca by shamans. They
also tried it themselves. The following description of a portion of
their experience, taken from their brilliant book The Invisible
Landscape (Seabury Press, New York, 1975) demonstrates the relevance
of ayahuasca to the subject of UFOs:
We could feel the presence of some invisible hyper-spatial entity, an
ally, which seemed to be observing and sometimes exerting influence on
the situation to keep us moving gently toward an experimental
resolution of the ideas we were generating. Because of the alien
nature of the tryptamine trance, it's seeming accentuation of themes
alien, insectile, and futuristic, and because of previous experiences
with tryptamines in which insectile hallucinatory transformations were
observed, we were led to speculate that the role of the presence was
somehow like that of an anthropologist, come to give humanity the keys
to galactarian citizenship. We discussed this entity in terms of a
giant insect and, through the insect trill of the Amazon jungle at
midday, seemed able to discern a deeper harmonic buzz that somehow
signified the unseen outsider. This sense of the presence of an unseen
alien third entity was sometimes very intense, most intense in early
March, and from there fading off gradually.

For the next thirty-seven days, especially the next fourteen days, our
shared ideation consisted of, among other themes, but as a dominant
one, the idea of a shamanic journey of return from the ends of space
and time to earth, with the collected energy configuration of
space-time condensed into a kind of lens or saucer, a true
philosopher's stone. One of us experienced an intense transference
state similar to reactive paranoid schizophrenia and accepted the
paternal and curative role of shaman and psychopomp. From the sixth to
the seventeenth of March, one of us did not sleep, and the other,
while awake, spoke continuously, in apparent and convincing telepathic
rapport with anyone he wished, in command of enormous technological
erudition and with a strange and rapidly evolving hyperspatial
cosmology which, following a Manichean perception, visualized the
solar system as a huge light pump, wherein the light of souls is
pumped from planet to planet until it finally leaves the solar system
altogether, and is transmitted to the galactic center. Some of his
"discoveries" were that Jupiter is the reflected image of the earth in
hyperspace, is teeming with bizarre life forms, and is somehow an
essential key to unraveling the species' fate. In his interior epic,
late twentieth century history was experienced as a frantic effort to
build an object, which he called "the lens", in order to allow life to
escape to Jupiter on the heels of an impending global catastrophe.

Slowly, as the shamanic voyager neared his home, his place in space,
his stich in time, the mythmaking and the symptoms of election
schizophrenia faded in each of us. However, the continuing process of
understanding, triggered by the experiment, did not cease."

-Blue Resonant Human,33°

Great isnt it?
RE: Martian memetics

eu·gen·ics (yoo-jenn'-iks)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled
selective breeding.

For those analysts "in the know" regarding Martian memetics, there's a
theory which has been around for a few years now postulating the
original "Adam & Eve" earth humans hailed geographically from the
continent of Africa, though a cadre of Scientists from down under are
now evidently refuting this popularly accepted notion. <see article

What they don't know, however, is that aav had it's own Martian
spokesperson (Rich Butler who, BTW, named such notables as Hal Puthoff,
Ingo Swann and various unnamed sources deep in the foul bowels of Ft.
Meade as allies of his) some years back who claimed not only to be a
contactee but also an official mouthpiece for a group of
extraterrestrial babes he called the DoMa (or Daughters of Ma -- see
http://www.webcom.com/~way/the-way.html) who allegedly claimed to be
the Master Genetic Scientists responsible for engineering the bodily
containers which house the souls of our species. His is an odd
Weltanschauung, granted, but there are enough nuggets in the mix to
make the study of his paradigm an exercise perhaps not entirely futile.

In any event, as his story goes, the grey space aliens (who are, he
claims, merely the subservient android servants of these foxy 'n
powerful ET chicks) concoted the AIDS virus and unleashed it initially
on the continent of Africa to thin out the human herd as they intend to
claim that land mass as their own when they finally arrive en masse.

How does he know all this? According to him, he was shown both the
entire history and most probable future of our species by these clever
female space aliens via some sort of holography. Admission to the
viewing was free but various concessions such as milk duds, 7up and
popcorn probably cost extra, we can only assume at this point.

So anyway, I guess if one were to embrace the Butler mythos in terms of
extraterrestrial obssession with the African continent, one could just
as easily assume this was where the initial breeding experiments
transpired in the first place -- despite the apparently blasphemous
heresies now exuding from the Australian diocese of Chapel Scientism.

There are disturbing aspects to Butler's intelligence briefings which
involve various manifestations of the old nazi racial eugenics
movements and the view that we earth humans are little more than "apes
which speak" who, therefore, must needs bow down in reverential
worshipfulness towards our alleged ET creators and so forth, but in the
final analysis we psense these clever custodians (cf: Bramley's seminal
_Gods of Eden_) to be little more than cloaked Draconian Reptoids up to
their same old tired shenanigans.

We now leave the reader to decide for himself.

-Blue Resonant Human

- - - - -
Australia Challenges Out-Of-Africa Evolution Theory

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian scientists said on Tuesday they had
analyzed the oldest DNA ever taken from human remains, and that the
results challenge the theory that modern humans evolved from African
ancestors alone.

Researchers at Australian National University said they had analyzed
DNA taken from remains unearthed in 1974 at Lake Mungo in the state of
New South Wales. Dating in May 1999 put the age of the skeletal remains
at between 56,000 and 68,000 years.

ANU anthropologist Alan Thorne said that neither "Mungo Man's"
completely modern skeleton nor its DNA had any links with human
ancestors from Africa found in other parts of the world.

"Neither of them (the skeleton or DNA) show any evidence that they ever
were in Africa," Thorne told Reuters. "There's modern humans in
Australia that have nothing to do with Africa at all."

The findings, revealed in The Australian newspaper on Tuesday,
challenge the prevailing "out of Africa" theory of evolution
because "Mungo Man" has a genetic line which has vanished yet his
skeleton is completely modern.

The "out of Africa" theory holds that modern humans evolved from a
common homo erectus ancestor in Africa.

Homo sapiens then left Africa and spread across the world between
150,000 and 100,000 years ago.

The ANU researchers say that because Mungo Man is modern anatomically,
yet has a vanished DNA line, it means at least one group of homo
erectus's descendants evolved outside of Africa.

Under the counter "regional continuity" theory which Thorne supports,
modern man evolved from homo erectus in several different places --
what is now Africa, Europe, east Asia and west Asia -- followed by
interbreeding between the regions.

"Everywhere was becoming modern at roughly the same rate," Thorne
said. "As they are today, genes were flowing from Shanghai to Paris,
from Singapore to Cape Town."


DNA is a kind of genetic fingerprint unique to every individual and
which transmits hereditary characteristics.

The ANU research says that Mungo Man's mitochondrial DNA contained
different sequences of the four chemicals which form DNA to that which
has been found in other remains. Mitochondria are the energy packs
within cells.

The previously oldest human DNA tested came from Neanderthal remains --
a 45,000-year-old specimen in western Germany and 28,000-year-old
remains from Croatia.

While the genetic footprint was different, ANU evolutionary genetecist
Simon Easteal said Mungo Man would have looked very much like modern

"This individual has facial features, has morphology that is
essentially modern, that wouldn't stand out in a crowd today," Easteal
told Reuters.

"If he was part of a wave of modern people that had come out of Africa
and spread, eventually reaching Australia, then his mitochondrial DNA
would reflect that," he said.

Thorne said the dating of Mungo Man meant there was no doubt that
ancestors of Australia's Aborigines came to the continent from Asia
about 70,000 years ago -- some 30,000 years earlier than was thought.

"There's no question that somewhere in southeast Asia is where
watercraft got invented," Thorne said. "The first oceanic crossings
were to Australia."
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