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Time Standing Still



Possible? The basic idea of it has been used in many movies and tv shows; Twighlight Zone, Clockstoppers, and a bunch of other tv shows and movies.

Anyway, do you think it can happen? Or if it has happened?
Anyone know anything on it? Websites? Research? Or even the ability as a person to do it?
Sure it can but is all in the perception of the beholder...Sounds poetic doesn't it.It is hard to explain as for I have no physics background..uuuhhh write u back
To Everyone Time can go fast and slow even stand still and stop if aliens and ufos can do it then anything can happen in our world their are vortexes, electromagnetic and magnetic fields, clocks, watches, and so on that show time either going faster and slower and could possiblely stopping or standing still everywhere we look time is in front, back, and surrounding us if we didn't have time then nothing would be wrong and right many people think time is an illusion or negative object or being while others think time is real or positive object or being time can take several mins, seconds, and hours to accomplish but if we measure and study time then we will know the true basis for or of time if time was obslete sorry can't spell that word then nothing will take part in what it is doing if we waste time then that is our problem but if we keep or hold on to time then we have the knowledge and workings of time so remember time is correct in several or many subjects time can't always be correct if you study you will learn if you don't study you won't learn the true essence of time is study and learning but time is always positive and even can be negative whatever you choose is your chose if you decide time is right then it is right but if you decide time is wrong then it is wrong. Time is part of time travel, teleportation, and other sciences as well but remember time is always on our side even if we are walking, jogging, swimming, and so on.