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Time Slip to 1954 !


Time Slip to 1954! by Nick V. http://paranormal.about.com/science/paranormal/library/blstory_november00.htm
Slightly over three years ago, a friend and I had a most unusual experience. It was late August in '97. My friend Larry and I got together in Cambridge, Mass. around noon to play some lunch-time tennis. We had never played in this particular part of town before, so we drove around looking for some courts. I drove up to a policeman who was directing traffic around a small construction site on a side street and asked him where the nearest courts were. He thought for a moment then gave us clear instructions to courts only about two blocks away. Following his instructions, I took a right into a driveway. Sure enough, right in front of us were the tennis courts. All three courts were occupied. It struck us both as odd that everyone was dressed in white. We both noticed a very attractive, young lady wearing a white tennis dress in the far right court as she was preparing to address the serve. Still looking at the courts, we decided to wait for one to come free. I pulled my car into a small parking lot directly on my right hand side. When we got out of the car everything we had been looking at was gone! The tennis courts were no longer there. A small field on the left was gone. Instead, there was a cement building that we did not see when we pulled in. It was as if we were somewhere else. Strangely, neither of us was particularly baffled at that moment. I felt very annoyed for some reason. We both agreed that what we had just observed was "too weird" and we went off to play tennis somewhere else. It was only while thinking about it later that we spoke about it. Afterward, I did some research into the area. Indeed, at one time there were tennis courts there - but they were torn down in 1954! Did we travel back in time? We have no doubt about what we experienced. I sometimes wonder: Did the tennis players also see us? I may never have an answer.
I've had slips in time also but found out it's best to NOT tell friends or aquaintances of the events. This is the only place that such things can be mentioned and even here there are those that will just laugh at us. It's like seeing an elephant in your kitchen. Anyone that did not see the elephant with you will never believe it. How sad and how very frustrating. P.S. I believe you.
Great To here from yo Morkie Dela!!
I have been trying to contact you, but for some reason, or another, your email keeps bouncing!

Are you able to access our <A HREF=""[A/>TAP-TEN *Epilot email?<A/>
I tell you with all sincerity the only ones that will ever beleive you have time traveled are the ones who have timetraveled themselves. it is because they can relate to it,they know what you are talking about and how you describe it is similar to their own experience. Isn't that how it is with most unbeleivable things?

p.s. I beleive you too.

HI! since I started the old consriracy site I've had a few people tell me my mail bounced out the window! I have not been on much lately anyway. I'm flattered you tried to contact me Time as I always concidered myself in kindergarden compared to you. Pamela, you also make me realize I slept alot in school! The little I know is from my unusual aquaintances through the years and the fact that they blabbed things to me that they should not have. They also showed me things that were amazing and are just starting to show up now. (a thirty year lag) I'll check out what you underlined Time.
This happens all the time and should not worry you too much. It just makes life interesting, doesn't it? Think of time as a big tapestry and yourself as an ant crawling on the tapestry. There is no now or no then, it is your own path across that tapestry that makes you THINK you are going from past to future. And if you take a meandering path, you sometimes cross back and forth between NOW and THEN and you think you have travelled in time. Just enjoy it.
its so funny you responded. I was just going to tell Mr. mailman you better not let Mokrie hear you say that! "just sit back and enjoy your time slips!" heheheheheheh

hey Mok, you should have had HIM in your car with you when you kept passing that same building over and over and over. it would have been somewhat of a comfort for you to look over and see his calm smiling face. huh?

your friend always,

Mr. Mailman can you tell us of your recent time-slips?

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HHAHAHAAH I pictured him grabbing the doorhandle and yelling "let me out of here!!!!stop the car! let me out!" But then I dont think It would have been in his best interest to get out at that particular "time"
heheheh. you have such a great sense of humor I love reading your posts!


I had never heard of this phenomenon before and it sounds very interesting. Since I have not experienced it myself, I cannot comment on it too much. I have however had glimpses into the future that later seem a bit like deja vue (however you spell it) so I don’t doubt that you saw what you say. I do question weather you were seeing into the past or into another reality/dimension or is there a difference.
I dunno?
perhaps you should be asking the Author,
"Nick V." I thought I posted that above, including a link from where the source of this originated from.

Sorry, I am not "Nick V." and I would'nt have any problems signing my name to something like this if it were myself I was writting about, which I "Have"
Yeah, sometimes I go back in time to. Its when my parents are out of town and I break into my dads special cabnit. LOL You people are crazy!
Really? I have this problem too.... But its only when I get into my mothers prozac or smoke some of my fathers back medicine.... I also see pretty colors! And most of the time.... I'm really hungry but ummmm cant' move..... This is what you mean right? I also get reAL PARNOID.... Makes me use alot of.... for nothing.
It seems to me that it is YOU guys (Joe and Bob) that are the ones with the problem.
RE: Time Slips, thank you time 02112:

Thank you very much for the posting on time slips T, we who have some inteligence on this subject outside the A----da'--rug--eads, do appriciate your post.

Although I would sometimes like to slap the shit out of you, yell at you"! and get drunk with you ands argue about life, your post,....are indeed very much appriciated and needed within this forum.

((Try this"??? Get almost naked, go to the beach and don a swim sute.

The apply a sun block to the exteroior of your body.

Become very simple in the mind while sitting within the sand and preform a process, known as soaking up rays, for a good part of the day!?

Yes I LOVE YOU'! yes I even hate you at times, ahhh' but I'm here as something, not a cowardly phantom.

Qote>"I love you, I hate you, I tie you up and <<<hate>>> you"!

Jean Luc Pontea, a Frank based modern Jazz violinist.
FRANK=, en-Fran-cea=French

Note ed. think the lasat stanza was; "tie you up and rape you"???!

Well' gee guys, I mean like that's improper here, with kids being present and all?

Cough cough' hhhmmmmh-A- cough, cough,..blush, moral desency and all you know?Sorry folks, you have my appologies?
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