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Time portals



Im researching the working possibilitys of time travel and iam looking for contacts to take part in a group experiment.If interested please reply.
What kind of research are you conducting now? If it is possible, let me know. And sign me up.
What Kind of "group" are you looking for? Do you have a plan made out? I would like to know as many specifics as possible or are willing to share.
You didnt post enough information to know if someone would really be interested. depends on what kind of "group experiment" you are going to do. you might get more responses if you told people what they could expect. and what the research would involve.
*do you have to sign a waiver incase you end up the rest of your life going in and out of altered realities or consciousness?
or is this just a simple experiment?
Hi thanxs for your replys.My idea is to lead a new secret society dedicated to the exploration of time travel.I firmly beleive that time travel is possible and that the answers will come from people like us.I think it is important to keep our work secret due to goverment pressures.We are the greatist minds of our generation and together we can suceed.I need people from all walks of life to join the society,each member will be given a secret code which will be used as their I.D.We will meet weekly in a internet discusion forum to pass new ideas and evaluate the weeks progress.The forum will also be split into groups of five who will each have individual designs to work upon.The safty of these designs are essential we want no injuries.I hope you will reply with your ideas and suggestions,I also hope that you will join the society.This is my email adress= [email protected].

Thanxs again RFTT

I have seen the future and the future is ours.
Finally its here.My discussion forum will take place on sunday the 7th of may at a secret web adress.Please email me at [email protected] for your personal secret code and the location of the discussion.Hope to see you their.
Try and get your grammer and spelling basics up to touch before the temporal and quantum mechanics RFTT :)

"Omnia Vincit Amor"
SPELT? SPELT? SPELT? I'll bet this word ain't in my dictionary. (My excuse is that a tornado blew through and displaced this sacred text to parts unknown... thats why I have to bet on it rather than looking it up). Either way I would not have spelled "spelled" as "spelt". Hey what is this english class? (And don't say "ain't" or your mother will faint and your dad will fall in a bucket of paint.)

The great Wallendo doesn't use a net, why should I use a spell checker? It is faster to simply avoid words I can't spell, and Wallendo simply avoids the ground when he falls....I guess.
Spelt is used in Britain - there is no class thing in the tenses used over here - it is the way every Brit is taught. I suppose a bit like you say dove and we say dived!! Spelt is definitely in the Oxford Dictionary.
Yep, me pappy always said "boy ya gotsta use the English english dichnarry" if ya wants folks ta thinks ya had a propper upbringin".
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