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Time Port Area in Marfa Texas



For those of you who may be interested there are a series of lights that appear on the ground each night 10 miles outside of a small Texas town called Marfa. 70 miles south of I-20 in west Texas.
These lights were discovered by cowboys in 1880. They thought they were Indians camping near a cattle drive and trying to ristle the cattle. When they investigated the next morning no fires or Indians could be found. Each night since then some of the lights appear as the sun goes down.
many explanations have been postulated; however no hypothesis has been proven as to what these lights are. I have viewed them many times and observed them through a telescope-you cannot focus on them. The viewing area is a former American POW camp for NAZI's captued dring WWII. They wanted to scare them. It is also the former floor of the Permian Sea during the Permian era.
It is my opinion that the lights which appear are time travelers exploring the Permian Era. They may be on their way to some even more distant area.
Think about it...you would need an area relitively undesturbed by man, you would need a product/service to sell. An underwater cruise of the Permian Sea would be quite tempting. A large plane to reach past the speed of light would be required. I think the lights that appear in this desolate area are the effects we se of time travel past our era.
Search for Marfa on yahoo and you may find a video of these lights where you can hear a car pass on the highway behind the viewing area. The mechanical nature of their movements as the car passes is a good demonstration of how eerie they are to look at. In February 1995 I was afraid to get out of my car! They were everywhere in all different colors & shapes.
Check it out!
The Marfa lights in USA http://www.marfalights.com/gallery.html

Balls of Light - Marfa Lights
Balls of Light - Marfa Lights BALLS OF LIGHT : BALL LIGHTNING Ball Lightning doesn't look like "lightning." It usually appears as a mysterious glowing sphere which drifts through the air. It can also appear to bounce along the ground. Light ba

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