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Time Pollution


Temporal Novice
Hello to all you wonderful thinkers out there,

The last few weeks of intense discussions and related relevant research discussing the nature of spacetime; and the "wheels within wheels" representing the "rivers" of spacetime--or "superspace", has led me to ponder whether the river that surrounds our planet which determines our own space/time/matter "system" can be polluted. Of course, we KNOW that "matter" part of the system is already polluted in a big way. We also know that the space part of is as well--a literal junkyard of abandoned debris--some of it orbiting around our sun and God knows where else. The question is, can time be polluted as well?

We know from experiment that time is altered by someone going fast enough, long enough. Can this have an accumulative effect? If we consider what the 20th Century alone has accomplished in making this world a much smaller place with ever-increasing speed both on the planet and off, are we increasingly contributing to the very events that the Bible speaks of, which will be very rapid during a "time period" of much happening very quickly. What is implied here is not just more people doing more things, but of "events" happening very quickly in succession. Could this possibly be a reason that past civilizations have disappeared as they reached their peak? Even a minor change over a long period of time could change space and matter and therefore our orbit--explaining a great deal why there is so much going on in our neighborhood such as three comets at once as well as several asteroids and the recent explosion in Russia that was similar to the Tenduska explosion in Siberia in 1908. There have been several sightings of fireballs and, of course, the well-documented near-misses.

I would really be interested if a model could be developed by some of you math-savvy wizzes out there, as to the possibility of time pollution. If so, can it be reversed--or arrested. Also,(and this is stretching it), could it also have a non-local effect? My mind has to really stretch at the thought of it. Imagine it. Affecting the universe by what we do here. "On earth as it is in Heaven"? "What Ye bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven." Whether we like to think about it or not, we are approaching the mystical understanding of the ancient Kabbalists who considered the mastery as one which will be able to manipulate and mold time/space/mass. This, of course, does not even come close as "evidence" to prove divinity. Divinity, by itself, is unprovable, unnameable, unknowable. No matter how close you approach it, it will ever remain so. However, intimations of what we could possibly define as "divine-like" impinge upon our consciousness. However we define that revelatory experience; it is, nevertheless, revelatory. To the Greek philosopher, it is entirely explainable within a context of reason. "To the Jew, it is a stumblingblock". It is an entirely subjective experience. It cannot be quantified by either reason or law. Of course, without reason or law, it cannot stand alone. Hats off to the Greeks and the Jews! They are the mirror by which I see myself!