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time machine congress in Moscow


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Congress “The Time Machine”

Faraday Labs Ltd invites to participate in scientific congress on space-time engineering.

It is planned April 12, 2003, Moscow.

Main topics of the congress are ether-dynamical approach to space-time engineering, description of experiments
and discussion on some applied aspects of these technologies.

The main report is “Method to Control Temporal Parameters of Physical Processes” by Alexander V. Frolov.

Organizing committee: Vadim A. Chernobrov (KOSMOPOISK research center) and
Alexander V. Frolov (Faraday Labs Ltd). The registration fees are not required.

Please, contact us by email [email protected]
Our phone/fax 7-812-380-3844
Our web site http://www.faraday.ru
To Mr Frolov
I would have really liked to attain the conference at Moscow, so I could see Mr Chernobrov's prototype machines for myself, and to compare his work with some the strange ideas I have on time travel. But I think I may have a problem, getting a visa at such short notice.
Maybe Next year.
All the best with the conference.

Tom Skeggs
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