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Interesting web site! But I have my own theories about time travel that you may be interested in considering...

1). Time does not exist (i.e., it does not exist as a measurable force, a field, an object, an entity, a wave, a particle, nor is it anything else that we call tangible). Time is simply a matter of semantics. It is just a word that we humans have created in order that we could have a frame of reference to define the occurrances of events relative to the occurances of other events.

2). We can not travel back in time by moving at the speed of light, because speed is totally relative to an observer. For example, when Captain Kirk orders Scotty to increase the speed of the Enterprise's engines to Warp-9, what is he basing this speed on? Warp-9 relative to what? To earth? To Andromeda? I suspect it would have to be relative to their destination. But what if there were no destination? What if they were simply tooling around empty deep space? What would their Warp-9 be relative to in that case? If time were able to be altered by motion, then there would be an infinite number of different time alterations in the universe totally determined by their "relative" speeds to the traveler. So, some planets will appear to age more rapidly or more slowly than others.

3). The so-called "paradoxes" that we all enjoy discussing, are nothing more than sci-fi twaddle. The very idea of going back in time and killing your grandmother is quite imaginative, but ludicrous! We can not go back into the past any more than we can go into the future. It is, and will forever be, physically impossible only because, as I had stated above --- TIME DOES NOT EXIST!

Sorry, guys. I'm sure it's difficult for you members of the Time Travel
Institute to hear such blasphemy. But, then, there are people who still believe in Santa Claus and the Toothe Fairy!
Well, gee!

It seems you have not really read the board all that well. If you had, you would have found out that I actually say some of the things you postulate here. I'm actually in agreement with most (but not all) of what you say.

Before you come onto a site and proclaim to be the all-knower of things not percieved by others, why not do a better job of actually seeing what some of these people really have to say first.

If you had done this, you might not have jumped to the conclusions you have, in assuming the folks here are believers in fantasy.

Frankly, you'll find that the best discussions on this board are the ones that try to hypothesize how ANY time travel ever COULD be possible since I think most of us believe that it is not. But you will find some good solid discussions on Quantum Theory and Cosmology in the process.

So why don't you pull your fangs back in and join the fun by telling us WHY you believe the things you say here. I know I'd be happy to hear why you think time doesn't exist. I've done my dissertation on this, lets see yours.

It's a fantasy board. Relax.

Thank you.


Well you're absolutely correct -- I did jump the gun with a posting before reading any of the other ones (My head is now hanging well below my knees).

I did read some of the other postings AFTER I posted my own thoughts, and they are quite interesting. I will keep my mouth shut for now until I had a chance to digest these other concepts.... Then I will express my opinions once again.


I think that time does, in fact, exist in our 3 (or more) dimensional universe. Otherwise, everything would happen instantaneously as might be the case in our higher, non-physical, levels of existance.


Well hey guy...welcome to the den of those who do a bit of speculating in ways we don't get a chance to on other forums, where it can get SO serious.

If you want to read my take on the "Time doesn't exist" issue, go down about three pages on the board or so and look for a post called "A Bill Nye Trick. It looks like I'm hashing this one over with my pal "nolo contendere" once again. I don't think he buys it, but thats OK, I like him anyway.

I don't QUITE go as far as you do here by dismissing time altogether, but I do hear where you're coming from, and do agree that we have fooled ourselves as to just what time is.


Welcome aboard.
Well then if time does not exist , then time travel or lets say life events would all take place at the same time, as jim stated this is true, time is a man made thing so we can perceive the universe in time frames and learn other wise we would see all things at once, the past present, future, we would be everywhere see everything, know all things, and not have learned, like we are doing now. thats why we CAN travel back and forth through life events cuase there all there already existing as one, thats what makes time travel possible.
Of corse this is a fantasy board and i dont have any idea of what i just said. or if it makes any sense.
but i love saying it.
plus i had a really good thoery on this on but lost the thought again. damn it, oh well
easy come, easy go.
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