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Time based reporting on magic @ 12/5/2002


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What I have found with reference to the state of the art of magic in this culture at this time, are the following precepts.

One that magic via the way of witches, was before the anti-witchcraft act, may have been used as a town or village utlity.

This was invested within the forms of devination and casting of atonments into potions and the like, for treatment of medical problems, crop problem and problems which had centered on how that one municipality had operaited.

I do not have an overall scope of what percentage of magics was used how and for what intended pourpose, with respects to an overall population.

The art of wizardry, which seems to hide behind the notarary witch, on this globe, seems to be much downplayed and there does not seem to be an overal view offered, as to what their progress was, nor intent from the middle ages on?

I have data today, however because of privacy wishes of the wizard's consortium, I can not reveal strengths nor locations at this point in time.

Only that it seems that there is a clariency problem, is how magic within higher realms of responsability would or would not be used, within a modern setting at this noted marker time.

Within the works of Stevens W.C, et al., as well as Doloris Cannon in her text concerning Nostradamus et al, there points to the fact that utility conjuring does exist, with reference to a moderus envicti mobis, which I have seen myself, as well as humanoid beings with the power to interphase extra and interdimensionally.

There have been some witches of past, who were it seems of good moral charicter who had suffered greatly.

I do not know fully how this fold of witches and wizards mixed, as offered within the Harry Potter series by R.K. Rowling, would interpose relationships, if this fashion of association should ever be devised to come about?

In another toung it is said>~ Hath yee mitance of investitures dost thy leanings canst be thine own direction?

Or dost thine remittance ist offered as such, where no pense is spent, within a worthy direction.

Yee sisters do twril and cast a see and cries, as the dance is seen in therist futures hense not more materized, however it is challange as it lie be.>
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