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Time and Space

Shaun Holt

Hello friends,
There are people out there with theories or ideas, that there is no such thing as a new idea or new invention. But rather these "ideas" float in the air so to speak along with all information, just floating about in time and space waiting for someone to reach that right state of mind. That state where for just a moment a door is opened. That moment when our conscious and subconscious minds connect with the mind's eye and a small bit of information leaks in. The moment when something we would have never thought of, just pops up. Take Edison for instance. This man slept for a mere 2-3 hours a night on average. Then, throughout the day he'd take little cat naps. He would doze off while holding ball bearings in each hand so that as soon as he fell asleep the ball bearings would drop and wake him so he'd remember what had come in his dreams. There are people who would say it takes more time to go into a dream state, that it wouldn't have worked. But, what it comes down to is that Edison deprived himself of REM sleep to the extent that, REM sleep forced itself on him almost instantly upon falling asleep. I'm not sure if this is really an on-topic post here, but i'm assuming it is since its about Time and Space basically.

I think you've hit the nail on the head. Most of my work was done laying half asleep in bed and failing into a "sleep" working on the devices. I would wake up and write down what I saw and spend weeks afterward trying to understand the technology behind my "dreams".

...~The Doctor~...
"There is no time to waste, only time to change"..."The sum of all knowledge is that you and your reality do not exist; only thought and imagination are real, and therefore...I am."
I can say the same....maybe it is just something you can tap into. I think sometimes you are still thinking about it as you fall to sleep and the higher part of yourself is working on it.thinking on it deeply.
occassionally I will dream of a design or an invention I have no clue where the idea came from. there it is all layed out in perfect design and form. lately I've been dreaming of anti-gravity devices. the funniest thing is they always run the same, they always have the same properties about them and they have the same feel to them. almost like I have operated one somehow and I havent. sometimes there is even someone there to explain to me exactly how it runs and how it is built.
either you are right, shaun that you just tap into it somehow or you yourself piece it together and figure it out and it comes out in a dream.
first it was these antigravity skateboard things and then it was the bigger vehicles.
but they all had the same feel to them like when you got on it it bobbed up and down a little like it was a boat on water that wasnt there. easy and simple to manuever.I could go on and on but I wont.
Just like when I was thinking so much on AIDS and cancer. and the answers I got turned out to be Microwaves/blood and something called GeneticBackDrive. Have no idea if the answers are right. they were just dreams. the more i thought of it the more the answers came. but i went on to something else.
I think your higher self seeks out the answers and somehow you just find it...maybe.
Hello friends, and thank you. For the repsonses ya'll have given, I don't think ya'll could understand how happy I am to read them. Pamela, you are both correct on seeing what I and an associate of mine have been trying to open people's eyes to. But Pamela, keep in mind, they aren't just dreams. I'll explain that in a private posting to both of you if you would like. And Pamela, it is something you can tap into, but not only tap into, it can be taken further. I've been working on an experiment to prove my theories on this, this is where my real interest lies. I'll talk with you both privately on the matter.

Re. pamela's input.
I beleive it is VERY important that we all stop refering to our dreamtime as "just dreams". We deep-down-know that it is more.
Feel truth, then trust in it, and move forward with it.
love & blessings
That which you speak of is when we enter a certain state of altered Consciousness, that enables us humans to connect to this so called eather, or matrix, or collective consciousness, containing the billions of unifyed thoughts of all within the cosmos who are in tune to the same wavelength.

Heheh, hello friends,
Don't worry earthship, most people don't understand that they are more than dreams, we are aware that they are, and thats what we were agreeing on, its just that sometimes its better to break those who aren't aware of it into it slowly. Now if you'll go back and read carefully through those first 4 posts, you'll understand that we agree they aren't just dreams. So next time, take your time and think on what's been said. If you'd like to get my opinion on what dreams really are... I'll be more than happy to email ya, it's kind of long to be posting here.

Take care friend,

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I wanted to thankyou SO much for sending me that document on gravity it is the most fascinating thing I have ever read!!I am only on page 17 so far. (half-way) but i had to stop and share something with everyone. I plan on reading it over and over and any dreams I have on it afterwords I will send to you privately.
but I am on the section on parallel universes. I had a dream a while back that I totally couldnt understand and now it makes perfect sense after reading this document.
first I will tell the dream:

all of a sudden I felt funny in my dream and I all of a sudden appeared
in this beautiful place on the side of a hill I was standing on a cable
wire that disappeared over the top of a small hill.

I noticed there was this man in front of me half in this dimension and
half in another he was also on the wire up a ways infront of me and was
dressed in what looked like old style jogging suite. he was jogging and as
i jumped up and down on the wire he would run really fast or really slow
depending on how i jumped he couldnt see me and he looked like he was a
ghost. it was kindof funny to observe and i was laughing. it looked exactly like when you ran a movie on fast speed or slowed it down and he ran in slow motion. he looked like a ghost or a hologram, he wasnt solid like I was. I was jumping up and down on the wire and laughing...

all of a sudden this guy dressed in a whitelab coat came running down the hill.
"stop!!!stop!!what are you doing "he cried and he pulled me off of the
wire. I then noticed that the ghost of the man totally disappeared.

we walked up over the hill the sky was clear and beautiful and the grass
was greener than usual. the air smelled clean. there was big white cemented
looking things sitting around. with beetle bugs in them they were crawling
around the sides and bottom but they were not flying out of the cemented

He was explaining to me that he was a scientist and that alot of people
had come through here to his dimension since he started this experiment with the bugs. It involved electromagnetism, I seen the cable wire going to the cemented things and then up to the labs.

He was very gentle and kind and patient and I spent like half a day with
him but i do not remember one other word he spoke about his experiemnts. I
remember walking around the place as he opening shared with me what he was
doing but I cant remember what he said. he liked talking to me.

I do remember then him saying to me that we needed to go to the lab to
get something to drink. so we walked down the hill on the other side to
this lab and when i walked inside I seen this black haired man he was
younger than the white haired guy and he said "what is she doing here?" and
he got all frustrated.like he had had this happen before. and the older guy held up his hand like in a signal not to worry.

I was led to sit down at the table and I noticed on to my right was another lab just like this lab but it had no light of any kind just shades of grey. the stangest thing was there should have been a wall seperating
the labs but there was not. outside of our door the sun was shining but outside on the other door there was no sun at all everything was shades of grey completely lifeless. like a hollow shell. no people, no movement,no light,just shadowy image of a lab that looked exactly like the one I was in but the one I was in had people and movement and light. hard to explain.

then the guy put two laminated pictures on the table and asked me which lab
I was in. sure enough it was of the two labs. I said "why?" and the other
guy told me "because you have to go back." and I told him "I dont want to go back."
and I looked at him and crossed my arms in front of me in refusal.
the older white haired guy put both hands on the table and leaned toward me with a very serious look on his face.
A glass of blue stuff that looked like blue antifreeze was put before me. "Im waiting...." the older guy said. and so I pointed to the lab I was in I took a drink of the blue stuff and i blacked out and next thing I knew i was awake on my bed. when I woke up I felt very dizzy.

I couldnt figure out why the other side of the lab was dark and i wondered about it for a long time until I read the document you sent me a lightbulb went on in my head. heheh

I was going to post part of the document on here but wasnt sure how you felt about that. but it was saying howit was reasonable under some electromagnetic disturbances a human being can switch or toggle between one reality(present time t) and another reality from the distant past (t+T).
and it went on to explain how the speed of light in such an environment will be low,so it should be murky if not dark. perception of time should be markedly different.
and how could you recognize the most current reality? It went on to explain that the 3d reality that appears the brightest (the speed of light is the largest) is the closest to the Origin of spacetime.
it explains exactly why the other side of the lab was shadowy and had no seen sunlight out of the door. it was not night over there there just was no light. shadowy and murky describes it exactly!
what do you think earthship? I think the only other one I shared the dream with was Doc.
I often wondered after reading this what if I would have lied and pointed to the other lab instead????????????????????????????????

Pamela -
oooh eeeh. I love it!

This is the kind of awakening/remembrance that i love. Many people are starting to awaken to *their* truth.

Only you can know where you could have ended up had you chosen the murky, dark side. I believe your reality would have changed to that other side, but without your remembering this side. In this reality, possibly you would be perceived as being in a state of unconsciousness or coma.

All speculation on my part of course, but as my belief goes: thought creates reality.

I would recommend a total obliteration of your being. I have tried numerous entheogens (hallucinogenic plants), but they always return you to the bottom of the mountain, only to have to re-climb it again. One sure way of climbing that mountain of truth consciousness is to do a 10 day silent Vipassana sitting. (if you're interested, contact me).

facinating stuff, mmm
"Thought creates reality" is an intriguing and powerful concept. It makes us an active player in the universe and not just another life form. We create our reality with our thoughts and then we experience it with our bodies. One feeds the other and we grow.

I once read that the universe is a result of idea construction and that our thoughts can out live our lifetimes. If it's true, then we have a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders to do the right thing.
Man, that is so nasty.
I think I am going to hurl...

However, do keep in mind this, there is a moral to this story. The person who didn't get caught up with this collective hive mind consciousness (where your all thinking alike spiritually) will end up freeing and saving you all (in one way or another someday

Have a nice day,
Javier C.
I dont do drugs...but what is the 10 day silent vipassana sitting?????????????

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Reading what Pamela said "goosed" me into relating an experience I had involving a "dream." It was a very VERY vivid dream. I was at a house party and didn't recognize one person. I began to realize I was dreaming but it felt abnormally real. Nothing absurd was happening as in usual dreams. You know, a dog turns into a bicycle and such. I began to feel that although I knew I was asleep, something was very real about it all. People kept asking me who invited me or who I knew. They knew I did not belong there. I suddenly felt myself beginning to pull away back to the waking world and grabbed out at a table and grabbed a large brown glass ashtray by mistake. I woke up and raised my head feeling something in my hand. I had the ash tray. As I slowly began to sit up it began to feel softer and softer. My fingers began to come together. It faded and was gone. I had it for a minute and I saw it wide awake in bright sunlight. Only when I told myself it was impossible did it fade and "go back." Sometimes dreaming isn't dreaming at all.
Great Mokrie,
First you weren't invited...
and then you stole their ashtray! hhhehehe
Seriously though that is fascinating...
the ashtray only faded away when you doubted its existance.
Hello Mokrie,
You do know that there are people in our history who have will'ed things into existence just by creating it in their minds first. So it is something possibly, and it does have alot with how strongly you believe. Same goes for religions and faith healings... people that are miraculously healed from diseases were so done because of how strongly they believed that they would be healed. Jesus did not give sight to those who were blind, but what he did, was give them strength in their faith that convinced them that they could see. I could go on and on on these types of things, but I think you see what i'm trying to say.


The kinds of ideas you point out are finally getting a lot of attention among scientists. They are looking at the role that the human mind plays in the physical universe. This has always been the missing factor in scientific research in the past. I think it will lead to some very interesting discoveries.
I feel you are very right in it leading to interesting discoveries. And there is one thing we used to have a problem in which appears to be resolving, different sciences coming together to help each other. The more they come together to help each other, the more and sooner we'll get somewhere. My personal opinion.
Shaun: Yes, the search for a "Unified Theory" or a "Theory of Everything" has to begin by unifying the scientists and sciences and leaving everything on the table for consideration. There is some truth in even the most eseteric realms, especially the ones that have survived through the ages. Scientific elitism has hindered progress in some instances. An open mind can open doors.
Shaun Holt & No Time;
I could not agree with you more; this is exactly what I have always contemplated as such. One of the most important factors to bring about progress, is to bring about change, and that is to resolve the issues of the human equation in order to factor in this unification principle.

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