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Time and mind



Hi , i´m new on this page i am from costarica , i am really interested in time , but i don´t know about phisics or anything in this field , dough , i have some experiencies experimenting with lsd .
I am sure that time travel is a reality right now , it is very hard to explain , i think someday in our universe , mankind will decode time , as he did with the atom and many others things to come .
I think the time has both psyquic and tecnological matters.
I think mankind will consider time in tecnological and mental ways , maybe one tendency will be to make a time machine , but other people will do it with their minds.
The human mind is time itself.
The way we think is pure time.
If someday man (or other specie) discover time travel , it has to be right now!
Did i make miself clear?
From the start (big bang) to the end (big bang again , i suppose?) there is time , then not in our time , but in this universe time travel has to be complete , maybe the beings considered as angels were creatures from others or this planet. (A friend told me that he read that in a magazine).
I am very new in this matter , i need some scientist people who can help me with the tecnicals aspects of this topic.
There is only one error i think , and that is mankind, making time travel possible is the only real error of humanity , due to the irresponsible way that it does things , human mind tried to play with a energy too complex to put only in its brain.
Now there are too many paradoxes in this and other dimensions ( i think each seconde millions of new dimensions appear ).
The clasical example , i go past and kill my dad , i cannot disapear , i am flesh already.
I am opening a new dimension were my dad is killed , what happens next?
I think there is a big error in the universe
due to the blame of the human race that put their hands in something intrascendible , incomprehensible for just nasa freaks with many brain but little heart.
I haven´t read enything about time travel and i need some scientific base to compare with my teory .
Please , this is a very important matter for me , i have been many days thinking about this.
My email es [email protected]
If somebody wants to send me urls , pics , chat , news , faqs , anything to help me in this complex subject.
If you want to figure it out for your self you had better be prepared to "think on it many years" rather than many days. Virtually NO ONE understands time.....so who you gonna ask? .

Time travel when (IF) it comes will be purchased at WalMart just like everything else. Don't hold your breath on that one. Make your own TT stuff? Well then you are back at paragraph one.

If you still want to play with fire, do a web search for Steven Gibbs. He might sell you some gadgets but understanding just isn't for sale at any price.
I see that you have negleted your studies of, "Physics 101" Disowned,

They have just announced a brand new theorem called, "The Theory Of Everything"

You can read more details at the renowned physicist's Dr. M. Kaku's website.

And your right about something, you cannot buy the intended perception of knowledge at any price!

Have a nice day


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