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thoughts on time travel



If the human race is to ever figure out how to travel through time (very doubtful), we first must learn to think in a more complex way. I see our brains as a computer. The more complex the coding, the more you can usually do with it. I see time as not only part of every physical thing, but also as a separate entity. Our bodys cannot live without it, and it cannot live without us.

Now that I think about it, the human race would require a few thousand, maybe million years more evolution. By that time, the sun will have cooled and expanded and consumed our planet. So why are people even bothering with the whole time travel thing? You're not gonna figure it out.

And trust me, the human race will die when the sun expands. We won't make it off this planet in time. It took them over 60 years to get to Mars! Life has such a new meaning to me now. What that meaning is, I'm not sure, but it is new.

Any comments?
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Guys Guys, I'm just "afraid" you don't! Okay laugh at me, I'll try to laugh too, but it'll be too difficult.
I give up, but not the defeat on your point of view. Wanna know why? "Because I'll be AFRAID always" "I was looking for support on you, but the results.......
Celebi time traveler:
I find reading your post a complete waste of TIME! Do you have anything of value to add to the study TIME.
I think he might be from another country and may not understand how to use the English language that well. But then again, that’s my guess, and his posts don’t seem to make sense to me either.

So what’s the deal with you Celebi?

-Javier C.

I think Celebi is trying to WARN US OFF from using too much prozac.

To Celebi: get help! (This forum probably ain't the right place)
That is a possibility, I guess.
However, I would expect that humanity will either destroy itself, be destroyed by some outside force(meteor or asteriod) or find its way into the outer reaches of our solar system before our own sun enters the Red Giant phase of its existence. As far as the possiblity or impossiblity of time travel.
Godel showed us that there are certain mathematical statements which can not be proved or disproved with mathematics.
Time travel may in fact turn out to be one of those fantastical ideas in physics lore which cannot be proven or disproven. That is not to say that there are serious considerations for considering it unlikely based on our current knowledge of the universe. But then again, when it comes to the subject of time, we are basically without understanding. If you look in the scientific literature, you can see a changing view about time, more and more scientists are investing in attempting to understand what it is, (although it may sound odd) what its physical properties might be. This may be a result of string theory which brings into question what are the physically properties of a dimension. Anyhoo, even if humanity is incapable of building a time machine, if time travelling is indeed possible, I would imagine that such natural phenomenona would occur somewhere in the universe or even be realized by some advanced civilization elsewhere.

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"But you are in AGREEMENT, hope the right decision.........Ang get this: Believe it or not, you all took WAR by yourselves (a nice start), not on my place". Whatever your decision is, I'll keep on mine. I'm not fighting you back. All languages are the SAME "if" you understand them. Weak conclusion? I don't believe it. Least I know what your purpose is. One more question, I haven't heard the real answer before: Why did you despised my ideas?
you're a nutcase. Simple as that. You were picked on as a kid, weren't you? People like you shouldn't be allowed to use the internet for self expession.
It's because of people like you I am the way I am. Without people like me, there wouldn't be the internet. You probably picked on the smart kids when you were in school, didnt you?
That's what I thought.
If you wish to look down on my thoughts, please don't do it in my home.
I've got my answer for that question. You differ enemies and friends by judging opinions. But how can you decide is bad while on the other side (mine) think in not confronting or imposing. Already give up. My desire is "friendship", and I don't know how many times I have to say it even if you offend me and see me different. How can you see it wrong? Don't you trust me? Do you think I'm going to defeat you all. I don't think so.
Here's the true meaning: When you love yourself you don't hate others. You keep against me because you think I'm a menace. There's no reason to forgive me. What makes you don't face it? Maybe you already hate me, but I don't.
Here's the true meaning: When you love yourself you don't hate others. You keep against me because you think I'm a menace. There's no reason to forgive me. What makes you don't face it? Maybe you already hate me, but I don't.
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