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Think Outside Of The Box!


It has been my personal observation that we all are "creatures of habit", and many things we do, are from learned experiences that are carried out instinctively with very little thought going into what we are really doing. What is this fascination many of us have with rituals & tradition incorporated to ones particular lifestyle? what is the meaning of value, if that value has nothing to contribute to the advancement of the human race?

We have too many political oppressors that keep us stuck inside their neat little box, and I for one refuse to have any part of this. Your "Mainstream" accepted ideals are intolerable by my standards, and wreak of political "Control Freaks" who will not allow others to think outside of the box.
Just because your mind cannot comprehend that which goes against what you grew up to learn in college, does not mean that anything outside of that box cannot exist! If you continue to believe in such rubbish, then I can only have pity on you for becoming a prisoner of your own mind.

Congratulations! you are well on your way to becoming your own grandparents, "stuck in your ways" with a conditioned mindset that will never let you go, and forever doomed to remain in the past.

"Time waits for no one, either get on board, or get left behind!"


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Incidently, I loved my Grandparents, I just do not wish to live their life, as I must learn to live my own.... (a continued work in progress)
Amen! Yes, people need rituals of life and never realize they are in the box at all. I admit I am in one. Habits or rituals comfort us somehow but also stunt our ability to learn and grow. My box is stappled shut but I have been trying to cut my way out. I see the life patterns and I am working to free my mind if nothing else. I don't see what this has to do with time travel, but thought it was worth a response anyway. Discovery comes to those that think outside the comfort zone.
Box, box, box. It is not about thinking or acting inside or outside the box. It is about not thinking or acting at all. In short they (the powers that be) don't care what the individual does or thinks just so long as he actually does niether. Abby Hoffman tried to warn us but.... who remembers ol' Abby?

There is a novel called Timescape where the message sent back in time was "we caused a gobal envirenmental disaster, every one on this time line will be dead in two months, avoid what we did or join us in death". Maybe there is competition between parallel worlds, survival of the fittest. Are we here in this timeline because we are extinct most every where/when else?

Try not to get swept up in the crowd. Indeed, Watson, indeed. We are foolish to assume that we are not on the top of the REAL endangered spiecies list or to assume that we will not need some form of time travel to survive.
On that thought I was just wondering how many people actually beleive in other dimensions parallel to our own. And that there are other beings that exist there. and that these parallel worlds touch and intersect with ours constantly. ?????
I believe in more then 10 dimensions and that there are worlds co-existing with ours. I however don't believe that time travel would take us to them. I believe they are seperate phenomena. Please don't ask for proof, I have only opinion.
By the way I think the box box box also refers to blindly following previous theorys when no matter how sound they seem, could possibly be incorrect.
Your right Mokrie,
some things turn out to be not as they seemed to be.
even things that seem unrefutable can sometimes be proven wrong by new evidence.
theories are just that...theories.
I think all scientist should always keep an open mind.
In relation to this thread; .....
...can someone please tell me why I am reminded of the song "Band On The Run" from Paul Mcartney & Wings?
"It is about not thinking or acting at all."

Reminds me of a Buddhist koan:
A monk once asked Joshu, "Does a dog have the Buddha Nature?" Joshu answered, "Mu!"

Hasn't helped me achieve emptiness of mind yet, though.
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