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The truth about John Tider


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I read about this story this morning and can't believe how long this story has went without being discredited.
John Tider's time machine is a 1950's vintage Civil Defense Set, used in fallout shelters to detect radiation in the air and on people. In one of the photo's of the "time machine" John has pulled the CDV 700 series radiac used for personnel from the container, you can clearly see the Civil Defense Logo on the side of the meter. The metal box that houses the set also contains an air monitor that checks for Tritium and or Nuetron radiation. The schematics are for the air monitor that used Ion Mobility Spectrometry or scintillation to detect radiation.
These kits can be purchased at military surplus stores for pocket change, or even found at old fallout shelters.

Pamela's protégée, without a bra:

This could mean anything Clif?

What if these were items in deep storage, that had been taken from confinement, only after a said atomic war?

There is also another unit, that is placed on the seat that is yellow.

Do you know what this unit is?

All the information is not in, by a long shot.

Very interesting...seriously. Can you point me to a site where I can either see a schematic or photo of an similar item?

I've been attempting to ID the cutaway for quite some time. I'd been ableto ID vacuum tubes and thought that the large componemt in the cutaway was a klystron.

We ID'ed the CDV 700 quite some time ago.

You can contact me at [email protected]

I followed your lead and had another source provide some information as follows:

It’s basically a portable air monitor for a fallout shelter. They were built in a very modular format. The left-hand end is a pump unit which draws in air samples and samples and pumps them through the machine. The right-hand end contains the "head units" for various gas-detecting operations. They are interchangeable. You might have, for example, one for monitoring air and another one for toxic or explosive gasses, or you might have different ones for different types of radiation.

The junk in the middle is all the actual gas sampling sensors. You can see 4 square filters bolted to the sides of the box. These were used for collecting local air samples, or you could hook a hose up to the suction pump to draw samples in from a remote location.

The big, rounded T-shaped tube running left to right in the cutaway IS a radiation sensor of some sort. Most of these units didn't have this and were just used for gas detecting.

Can you provide any more insight? I'm especially interested in finding a photo, schematic and/or the manual for such a device.

I fully concur with your source. The folks in my office HDER (Homeland Defense Equipment Reutilization) also concur. I am currently looking for a manual for this type of monitor. They were state of the art in the 1960's and very few were ever made. They were dificult and dangerous to operate as they used compressed carrier gases to monitor the atmosphere. Most likely because of the expense they were reserved for shelters that would house high profile indivisuals. I have e-mailed a few of my friends who specialize in radiological and chemical monitoring to see if they can remember the nomenclature of this monitor. I will let you know when I hear from them.

Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to any further information that you can develop. I've also posted some email hoping for some confirmation - and drawings/schematics. Fallout Shelters! is doing some research for me at this time.

Please feel free to contact me at my email address.
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