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The thirteenth staf:



The thirteenth staf never existed.

This is so, as the representation of staf, was only in mythacum and did so represent only a marker, from someone, who did not share this reality.

The thirteenth staf could never be broken, as it was only a figurehead, to begin with.

The fourteenth staf, may never be created even para to Earth, as those who govern had their chance, but did not aquess in time.

There were also some questions of monitary imprapiety, as the the SEA conflict, of resources diverted to other ends.

This again, is not the fault of the holder of the thirteenth staf, but again a system which was corrupt to begin with.

One can not blame this on me and I simply won't, regardless if this would even be a coppy of myself talking to myself about what I could do wrong, take the blaime.

Not my fault, check govt. ledeger balanced, 1967 on, as writer of Behold A Pale Horse, second book of the same name, had stipulaited within his book, again, not my fault.
Just a thought...

Perhaps if you took the time to make a wee bit more sense in your posts, people could follow your train of thought and actually might get a kick out of what you are trying to state.

But this whole "twelve monkeys" the Gubba'ment got my mind in a funk and I'm babbling to discover the truth while trying to look like a cool action hero seeking his true origin after losing his memory bit is getting old dude. You don't sound convincing and quite frankly I envision someone sitting in the local internet cafe chugging down latte's and giggling like a Star Trek fan who just clicked on a link to see Seven of Nine naked whenever he posts here.

Oh and for the record, there's a band using your name and they sound pretty good too! I would suggest checking them out. They may inspire you to get a serious about your story telling.

Just a thought...

Seven of Nine is one - for - one naked in the future.

Note the word 'future' it pertains to TT.

The twelve monkeys bang randomly at the key board for several milllenia and finally succeed in hashing out a John Titor re-write.

Then the STAFF of Mad Magazine are abducted by time traveling aliens and transformed into President Clintons cabnet officers back to 1996.

Get it? Cheesh !!!

Oh I get it. Sheesh! How could I have been so dense! Why didn't I see that before! That's why they released the movie Waterworld! It was a sign of things to come! You know Waterworld=bomb=a future apocalypse! Duh! I can be so thick headed sometimes
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