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The tale about time-travel surrounding a czech poet


This source is in czech language only, since I joined here I might as well share it. You will need to put it through a translator however. One of the sources say that the mysterious letter was a fake, a hoax. Of course that might be a coverup story if you believe in that, or it might be simply that the poet had just too much imagination. there were some other stories however surrounding the castle, that I heard about and that there is no trace left of, including experiments done by nazi germany while allegedly employing some jewish scientists before they ordered their execution.

I will let you draw your own conclusions.

There used to be some information about the nazis conducting some experiments on the castle...this information can no longer be found and even some old sites referencing something no longer work, like this


There are also sites like these, which work:

there is a common source to this and I have saved some excerpt way ago from another one, I will put it here in quotes because thisparticular version of the text is no longer there in full

edit: text exceeded so I'm going to attach a file instead.


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