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The superposition of a Temporal Reality


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Friends of EarthTR125.0121

When unplanned temporal sojourns are made to either the past or the future the traveler in itself must exercise great care. Otherwise a paradox of TR magnitudes should be taken into consideration. These effects are known as Universal Causality Violations. These UCV can cause the direst of all paradoxes.
The paradox created would be like a lesser bubble being engulfed by a larger bubble and thus creating an entire new bubble with the components of the other two. In Temporal Reality terms this could mean that a traveler could affect the very nature of his reality by making it fuse with yet another reality. This as a conscecuence would lead to the merge of individual A in reality 1 and individual A in reality 2. The merger would result in an individual A that would not even recognize any of his former selves, but go around thinking that he is the plain old individual A.

So this event would give way to the deletion of two realities and the birth of an entire new one.

Until later becomes now.
Re: The superposition of a Traslation

Wgat Tran means to those of you who do not understand ball configurations within time as a passage, is that unauthorized time line intervention, causes a variant of some of these branch realities to start to occur.

This might be where a ball is struck within junior baseball leauge play, the centerfileder goes to retirieve the ball and off cathces the ball within the mit, however still throws the ball to firstbase.

A tampering into this timeline, might mean that this ball is caught differntly however the throw still makes first base?

These little tamperings might go-on into the replaying of this reality almost forever.

This is why if one time travels, then one may look, however absolutly, do not interfear with the charicters within this particular time sceane.

These in this sector of space are known as the Pleiadean Time Travel Protocols, or rules to follow time travel by.

Temporal causality pressure, is realized as another factor however.
Re: Paradoxic Superpositions


What Creedo explained is right.

If a time traveler goes back in time and makes some changes in the timeline, the effects could prove to be radical if not disastrous. Realities, as Bohr defined them, exist in two different states. One the state of being, this is the observer being immersed in the reality. In this case this reality is physical by all means and already adjusted for the observer. However the second simultaneous state is like a quantum cloud. All possibilities waiting to happen and express themselves. This state can only be experienced by an observer whose movement relative to spacetime is inert. This can only be accomplished at the Prime Temporal Point, where all potential Temporal Realities exists as lattices of chronotonic arrays. Once the observer enters a given TR he would be experiencing the first state, a reality already adjusted.

For example, in one of my observations I got a hold of a world known as Cassaspia. There its inhabitants discovered and built an orbital temporal device. The device worked very similarly to the papameters set by Tippler´s Theory. When this orbital apparatus began to operate it created powerful waves of gravitational tides. These was unforseen by the scientists and the resulting gravitational tides collided against the greenish planet one after the other. The entire magnetic field of the planet was turn upside down and the world was nearly destroyed.

However the operators of the apparatus managed to travel not only back in time but into another reality. In the new reality they found that their world of Cassaspia had not been destroyed by their experiment. The crew of the apparatus, burdened with a moral choice, finally decided to return to their own world and try to stop the accident.

They entered their own temporal reality and prevented the accident, but when they jumped forward to their own time, they not only found their world still laying as a volcanic wasteland but they had somehow fastened the last reality they had been to to their own creating one single reality.

As a result most of the inhabitants of Cassaspia did not remember ever being saved from the catastrophe although they were and most of the operators of the apparatus became raving madmen, torn by the enormous forces of two different TRs fused inside them.

These realities were CassaspiaTR118.4526 and CassaspiaTR118.4510. As a result to this terrible accident the two realities merged into CassaspiaTR118.4518.02

My real concern is that if these sort of Prime Paradoxes keep taking place the lattices of chronotonic array could threaten the very existence of adjacent realities and further examples of the Malkowsky Quadanry could keep appearing.

My advice to all those silent travelers....it is far safer to observe than to actually exist in a visiting TR.

Until later becomes now.

In this sector, there is legal use of the Pleiadean Beamship as well as other designs of space and time traveling craft.

We here, don't know what your God-based affilation index is and as to whether or not you have a multiphased God-base from where your spirit origen once came from?

Here it seems Christian-Jew-God has a deal with some sorts of aliens, even some of the bad ones, to raise humans, as a crop no matter what.

There is also a powerfull angelic force, which may have the power to reconstruct time and associated matricies, at will in this sector.

Your baseing realization in this sector of space, may be differing from how your s former baseing realization was when you where in your former local?

The Pleiadeans use a quantum tunneling paradox, with a instantious mass transfer, as a bent parallel status, through event change tranfer rate.

This makes their ships appear to be in two places at once.

Others I'm sure of are only more advanced variants of the Titor Time Displacment Unit, which is a forced paradox shell, generaited off of twin kerr tripler-like technologies.

The alien version of near same, is capable of levitation and locomotion as well as time travel.

This might be a sect of Andromedian physical looking charicters.

If you or any time travler comes here, I'm sure that you must have a realization pass, in order to do your busniess here?

This goes for out of frequency wizards as well, who might visit this area.

These types of beings are monitored here, by various sources.

There might be a time gravity wave equalization phased device, as set upon by time cops and or associated authorites, to stop of nutralize bad sorts of waves.

The past violation of the Atlantians here on Earth, as well as the Lemiurians, were that they had devices as well as weaponary.These devices were way too powerfull for the time space quadrant here.

There is a God baseing here for the christian-jew god who is here.

However' there are also baseings for many other stiles of gods who have behalf flocks here as well.

This is registered as a god's type of union, and is realized by many.

Monothesim, is not practicle where you have not only a primary known plants, however plants as well and an entire systems which is multi-ethicnicaly cultured.

This is why the God's union here.

Your dealing with beings such as Micheal The Arc Angel, who has an allowance of tremendous powers at his disposal.

I did not know if you had know this within your postings?
Re: Awareness of Angelic Watchbeings

Friend Creedo

Yes, as part of the training we undergo we are taught the angelical structures that pertain to each of the base realities. On many realities the angelic forces seem to be the same, and aware of their multiple existence, however there are many other angelical hierarchies that as of themselves exist uniquely in very particular realities.

For example Michael the Seraphim governs over affairs of conflict/resolutions in these reality. However in a frequency different, like TR124.0121 Michael is a Throne and in charged with peace treaties among the nations. The interesting part is that both beings are truly one consciousness, however functioning in different degrees of activity.

Keep up with the good information my friend.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

Transient001 and Creedo
Hi Trans and Creedo it's me Frog I just wanted to say what about God's son Jesus don't forget about him tell me something where does Jesus lie they say he lies in heaven or paradise but this question goes to you trans and creedo? I am religious so please do not bash me or judge and make fun of me I am a friend to anyone and knowledge is the key to understanding!
Re: Personal

Friend Frog

Once I heard that Jesus, a being who had achieved the state of Universal Individuality, was in fact an angel named Mikah, not to be confused with Michael the Seraphim.

Thus this ever present being, standing ascended before the Powerful and Omniscient Prescence of the One True God, is now a celestial steward in charged with the observations of the Divine Purpose of Lifekind. As sort of Ultimate Teacher and Guide towards our destiny as an universal race.

Many of these beings come from a place known as Urantia. Searched in the net for that name, you shall find plenty of info about their origins and their Book.

Happy to hear from you, Frog. Be well.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Technical note, theology, to Frog poster.

Please note this technicality within my postings, as provocatured by Frog's questions.

I did not start out to prompt any theism, regarding belief systems.

In order for logic to work in this section of time travel, one can not mainly go from an athiest point of view.

This is a modern brand iconoclast subculture, which only reports that the investment of belief systems, classes those who do not, into an unfair equal oppertunities placment.

So this is a legal challange by the atheist.

This claim by the atheist, within action of said claim, excludes anyone, by any system of beliefs which they might have.

So I can't, in discussing logic of extraphase phenominons, switch to a non-theist point of view.

I am simply pointing out, from my knowlege base, to which some of the material has been trippally verified by myself as an investigator, there points to the very strong case in chance, that there is an Angelic heiarchy.

If this is the case, and what I had pointed out in further stance, saying that there was not only a God's union, however a christian-jew God base hidden here on Earth, then this factor, within the control of time based gravitational waves, may be effected on by such a said heiarchy.

Furthemore said if this investigaitve works shows this information?

Then I would have to say yes that this is a direct possability.

I am not baseing any argument of theism, however only stateing that the chance of time gravity waves being lessened in a supposed destructive phase, is possable, if such and such an agency exist.

I am not bantying theism here, however again raiseing the question, as Tran001 is again prompting, what is a God base on a planet, is this phenominon universe wide, and does, did this effect any said supposed past culture within this universe?

I am not, prompting theist arguments.

>SECOND ISSUE:AND this is why I had to state this second issue with the utmost care.

To the previous before Tan001's posting, on said Jeasus and how this person fits in with said God affilations.

There was evidence said that Jeasus was a hologram, as said by the Grays within the special UFO Coverup Live, as hosted by Mike Farrell in 1989.

There was a say within the Montauk Expierment by Dunkin Cammeron, when he was sent back naked to assasinate Jeasus Christ, with a thirty eight calabre hand pistol; that the shots went through Jeasus, however that it was as if to Cameron that Jeaus not only knew who he was, but was expecting him as well.

In the Meier landings, concerning the Pleiadeans and time travel.

There was a say that Billy Meier met with Jeasus and Jeasus already knew in time, who Billy Meier and the Pleiadeans were.

In this sction of discussion, I can not prompt, since the Planet Earth was a test area for multiracial ethnic cohabbitation principles, and also multibelief systems, that such and such, is based as being superior or we will go to this toppic from now-on.

The classical defination of Jeasus is,>That Jeasus Christ was an anti Hebrewical anti-heiarchial, set to establish ancient mankind's worth, within the set of the common man, as contasted aginst both upper heiarchy ranges both in Semite, as well as in the forground of the Romanic Empires.

This historically then, is what Jeasus was said or sent supposed to do.

>The modern defination of Jeasus is, "learn to be like Jeasus as Jeaus saw the needs of the common man, however was not always heiarchially imbued.

THE MODERN PROBLEM IS, that the media as they present the parabel of Jeasus today, states that they too are in leauge with Jeasus, however as said within past discussions here, please refer to Javier Corteze's discussions on the trouble with churches per say, that the union of heiarchies seems to be having troubles toiday?

These troubles as said, are problems in the social way of events, which make the viewer, wonder as to the collectiveness of the classcial worshiping flock, ie parishioners attending said subheiarchial fuctions.

So the modern belief system in Jeasus Christ of Nazareth, principally being socitital fucntion alone, has been augmented.

BECAUSE OF THIS SAID, then there must be a parallel statement within sociologies.

THIS SAID IN PARALLEL SOCIAL STATMENTS MIGHT BE,..That Gock-more, of far-world did one day kill a skreelock with only his cutting flake tool used to make skins.

And this was a big eel and the battle took many hours.

However when he drug the giant water eel back to the village, the women did become adjulent, needed to copulate.They did so and the village in danger from being sparse in population, was indeed saved.

Gock-more, let out a big burp, everyone was amaized at his ability to burp so loud and now on this holiest of days in rememberance retirbution, everyopne on far-world, burps, when blood eel is served, due to Gock-more's barvery.

AND SO>And so the bravery, so the codes of ethos, so the ledgened and belief system handed down.

Gock-more was an ancient saviour to the peoples of far world.

One can, depending examine how inportant Gock-more is to far-world's society and problems they might be expiencing today.

This is all I had wanted to point out with respects to ancient as opposed to times past examinations of culturial belief /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif system and HOW, we value them today.
Re: Personal

I got two questions for you and these are personal and private ones Will their ever be an invasion of aliens go against humans or visa versus? also what do you know of the ark of the covenant?
Re: Guidance on legal issue:

If Tran001, is in another body, apart from what he was in a former life and aswers this question and an invasion does occur, then his answering here, would make him a military target.

Know this Adam, as you do not take private messages here?

I can only lay these guidelines, as you are now starting to endanger Transient001.

See content said invasion, book The Pleiadean Mission by Randolph Winters.

The arc of the covenanat, was a device for ancient use only and is kept in Etheopia, as a trust item, by Jewdeaic Africans living there.

There is only one man appointed to be able to enter this room, without dieing.

He has a rope tied around his waist, incase of death and must be pulled from this room, by the other trustees.

This gift of guarding God's vessle to administer to the ancient world, is not to be taken lightly.

A while back, an out of body R.Ver had tried out of body to gain entry into this room and was warned by an Angel, not to go in.

He also got the distinct feeling, that he should not, be in the presence of this arc, within this same room, even out of body.

This device for the most part will sit there, however this vessel is a direct link to the Christian God and is definatly not an item to fool around with, due to the awesome power that this device posesses.

This said case is contrasted by the Betty Andreasson Luca case, where the God Angelic heiarchy, had actually invited Mrs. Luca to enter what is known as a God room.

The idea of religion is at times, to act as a guide to any one civilization or society, not as an all oppressing fear factor, which warns them of their slightest mistakes.

In your probeing here, you must realize this Adam.

If God as you percieve his, is within the context as you understand to be fearsome and segergating aginst certain factors, then there must also be the factor, that God could also be understood as love and would equally have a gentil as well as liberating side to him.

The problem vested within this society, as warned by the past prophits, is over-nationalism, as opposed to innovation, to where a culture can expand its expierence.

One of the last vestages of a place to hide for the treasonus, is behind the lable of nationalism?

The principle true to his ethos, already knows and understands that inside that he or she is a patriot and does not need the extra extravigance of banners.This is to profess a supernumiary extropolation, where there is no need to extra allegiance, where true intent towards one's own country has already been vested.

Religion also means, to return to center.

In your own mind's eye, is the justification of a belief system one that frees you to be you, or a system which looks for the slightest faults within others to be played upon?

Remembeing histrorical Jesus of Nazareth, it was his duty to wash the feet of an established prostitute, Mary Magdaline, who was one of the best known and sought after prosittutes.

For Jeasus to stoop so low, and perform this act of courtsey, as well as being a Jew himself, must have been an outrageous act, that ired the Hebrew constabulary, to the point where they were besides themselves in anger.

Jeasus also posessed the extrodinary ability to be able to cut right through a person's facade of hidden intentions and expose them and what they were really doing, for what they were.

Jeaus had no social pretense and said just what he thought.

He did so, of everyone who had encoutered him and must have been a truly amazinig person, with a form of social honesty that was absolutly unheard of on this globe.

To be able to summon the courage to place one's hands on an active leper and administer a healing as well as love, honor and respect to that indivdual, is something that even we in this supposedly well educatited era could learn from.

Father Damian The Leper Priest of the illbegotten Hawaiian leper coloney, did such an act of extroidinary kindness.

Even when the good father himself came down with Hansens Bacillus, the Leper disease, Father Damian steadfastly refused to leave his people.

People with this type of sheer out of the ordinary courage, to routiently defy the face of death, and ontop of this trait, show their love and mercy towards their follow man, are at times truly visonary people.

>That I might lend my hand and cradle one who is infirmed as well as bear thier burderns as if they were my own.

That the light of love, is within my hand of kindness and show this adminstering to one less fortunate than I, is and was all that God could ask of me this day.

Souce said, unknown.
Re: Personal

I'm sorry Creedo you do not like me so I will shut up and never again talk to you and others on this message board well bye for now and I am serious about this message!
Re: Two answers

Friend Frog

As my friend Creedo adviced I should not answer the first question.

However about the Ark, Creedo said it almost all, however one more important point remained not discussed. This is that the Ark of the Covenant, is in fact a powerful device. The ancient jews built theirs after the one built by the Egyptians. Both devices, powerful engines, are capable of great good but also of corruptible evil. The Egyptian Arc was lost when the last Orionan starship was destroyed by the Pleyadeans nearly 4000 years ago. The Orionans then decided that the second version, that of the hebrews, was to be also contained. By this time the Sacred Order decided to get involved and a help the Hebrews hide the Ark. This was accomplished by a host of heavenly stewards.

Creedo also mentioned something about the God-room. Well, I have seen a place during my observations that it is called the Chamber of Creation. This is a dark room filled with all of the Universe. If one fixes on a star, that star will come to the center of the chamber and everything within five lightyears of that star will be magnified. By doing this reapeatedly one can observe the most minute detail of a world. A being has welcomed me here twice, it is called the Horologer.

This human-looking, although I am certain that it would appear with an image the observer would appreciate more fully, is one of the remaining First Ones. These were denominated by the Horologer as the Patrians.

The Patrians, according to this experience, created most of what we now see in the universe. The discovered that by controlling the weakest force in the Universe, gravity, they could create worlds. You see, they built entire planets out of no where by setting particles and gases into a circular motion, until they coallessed into solid form. They also launched protein codes into these words to irrigate life into creation.

I could go on, but I risk changing most of the basic belief systems of this world.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Adam

Dear Adam, I don't hate you.As a matter of fact, your views as well as questions in honesty, are a refershing breath of fresh air for this board.

Don't go away, enjoy your useage here.

The violation you were about to trip on Tran, you could not have possably known about.

That's why some of the good folks such as Tran and others are here.

Do anything you want to say or ask.

I am pleased to have you in here and have no objection at all, to your being here. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re:Thanks Tran001

Note on the nature of the God Room as kept under the oceans, as entered within a very large underwater, dry cave systems.Thgis is a very large room, over thierty feet high..

The function of this God room, is also realized to be multifunctional, as told within the conscripts of the Betty Andreasson Luca book series, The Andreasson Affair books one and two.

This room, once someone enters into it, can be let to allow someone the estatic realtionship with the Christian Jew God.

The result of this happenstance, is the speaking of estatic languages, which are in some ways similar to ancient Hebrew, however not that same language.

This is the God room under the ocean.

The Ark room, where the Ark Of The Covenent lies, is a building, which is guarded by the Etheopians in Africa, and is not, the same said God room, as is holds the Ark Of The Covenent.

Tran001, look as to how you had spelled Pleiadeans?

You had spelled this word Pledyians, or to this effect.

When dealing with the Pleiadeans, one at times, seems to ask Y and you had placed a Y, which I feel is second or first instinct about them right squre within their name.

You know something that we don't???

No matter, your judgment is best.

Welcome aboard Adam, we are always gladd to have you with us. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re:pleyadeans and a bundle of other things

Friend Creedo And Friend Frog

You are right about the Pleyadeans, sometimes we have to ask why about them. They are really interesting folks with a set of values and morals quite different from our, however not deviated from the prime goal of striving for perfection. Most of them are even human type beings. But I have the impression that most of them want our world untouched by other civilizations, as if wanting us to evolve and develop on our own. This is good on one part and sad on the other.

You see there are less civilized worlds on this Temporal Reality that had been taken as pupils of more advanced races and have thus achieved remarckable goals. However being left alone provide us with the opportunity of developing as a truly unique species. For what I have seen in my recent observations the future of mankind, however mined with war and atrocities, hold a promising alternative for many of us.

Last night I went with some other observers to scry on a world which is barely starting to evolve life, and we noticed something peculiar about evolution. It is an universal force quite natural and very alike the said ideas of Dr Darwin, the survival of the fittest.

I explain, a world once it develops life, among that life one or two are put to the test of which species will develop intelligence faster. Once a species develops intelligence, however dim, the other species gets discarded or extinct. From them on the species begin to propagate and within the species a set of sub tests begin, where individuals of the same species are put to compete against the other in order for one of these groups governing the other. This process will occur for several thousands even millions of years until a global homeostasis is achieved. After this, with already provided obstacles by the same species, is that individuals in that world will begin the next step of evolution. Mental-Spiritual evolution. This process may yet take several thousands of years, and even the candidates of hiher evolution might get extinct because of a lack of proper conditions. If this were to take place that world would easily discard its inhabitants to begin the process anew.

Should the candidates take on the obstacles and pass them properly their already evolutionary genes would start to spread until yet another global homeostasis is achieved. Once the species renewed and bettered they pass on to the next step of evolution, which is matter to energy. This process may yet take thousands or even million of years, and should it be stopped or damaged the entire race would suffer deletion or extinction.

When we observed this yesternight we thought that it was a rather inmoral process, but then we were explained that it is not inmoral, but amoral. The Universe only concern is for producing the best plants on its garden, the badweeds are always plocked out to leave space for the better ones.

Frog Do not go away we enjoy very much your topics and discussion of ideas, you have offended no one, so do not retreat from this wonderful forum. Your ideas are always accepted and as you once told me there will be questions I will not be capable of answering. So go ahead and keep posting.

Now about my former experience with life. We all have former lives, the things is that most are uncapable of remembering them. Some of us even hadformer lives in other worlds and these are even harder to remember but we must try, and then it is that we will start to appreciate our lives here.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

I am not going away I am just taking a break away from this message board I will have more questions and statements later on so don't worry trans and creedo I am not mad just tired though well I will see you guys later but one thing where is the nearest alien shop where I can find alien toothpaste, clothing, and so on! just a joke.
Re: Personal

Transient001 and Creedo
I am back for awhile here are some questions:

1. Can people take other technology and weapons from ufos and aliens? I have read about when people are abducted they steal stuff from aliens aboard ufos but before people leave the ship the aliens retrieve that weapon and other technology back from humans sorry I have no additional information!

2. Why do aliens cloak their ships or ufos from the public of the world?

3. Will we ever achieve spiritual enlightment or some unusual goal or goals in our lives?

4. These questions are for trans Does the Hourglass make any noise while in the air and landed on the ground? Could I be able to speak with the Hourglass crew and captain? When the time is right the truth will be known is this true or not?

Well I got to go any answers will be nice I have other things to do so talk with both of you later!
Re: Personal

Some answers for some of your questions

1. Can people take other technology and weapons from ufos and aliens? I have read about when people are abducted they steal stuff from aliens aboard ufos but before people leave the ship the aliens retrieve that weapon and other technology back from humans sorry I have no additional information!

I have not heard about that, but it is very possible my friend. Actually the governments of this world have dome it in the past. They have occupied alien technology and are still trying to figure out some of it by a technique called reverse engeneering.

2. Why do aliens cloak their ships or ufos from the public of the world?

There are two main reasons.

one- they can not show themselves because that would alter our present state of evolution as a society.

two- most alien vessels are not supposed to even be here. They do so as a covertly in order to avoid being detected by the Community.

3. Will we ever achieve spiritual enlightment or some unusual goal or goals in our lives?

Yes Frog we will achieve wonderful things, do not let the actual environment and war-saturated atmosphere keep you from yearning that wonderful future of our human race.

4. These questions are for trans Does the Hourglass make any noise while in the air and landed on the ground?

Well the Hourglass can not enter the atmospheric envelope of Earth. It rather uses shuttles to embark and disembark operatives in the different temporal zones.

Could I be able to speak with the Hourglass crew and captain?

I will answer this one in private.

When the time is right the truth will be known is this true or not?

What TRUTH my friend?

Until later becomes now.
Re: Personal

I have a few questions to ask and some other stuff as well so here are the questions

1. Could you tell me more about the hourglass's propulsion how it runs and such sorry this is like a repeated question?

2. What kind of food and drink does the crew and captain eat and drink?

3. Will you ever show yourself to the public around the world including the US?

4. What kind of teachings in general and spiritual do you attain or possess?

Sorry for all of the hard questions anyways I have just read a book called Stranger in the Pentagon it is a very interesting book it talks about ufos and aliens, meetings and such, and even shows pictures of Val Thor and his crew and ufos in general so trans if you ever meet an alien named Val Thor (Valiant Thor) and his crew let me know okay supposely his ships are in Las Vegas or around there! Just to let you know I have learned alot about you and from you remember God is watching all of us!
Re: Personal

Hi Trans it's Frog I just wanted to know if your busy if you are I will leave you alone if not then please answer my questions if you can and so forth!
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