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The Spiral Theory


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First of all i live in Venezuela so my english is not very good, so it will be a litle bit hard to understand some words.

Since i was very young, the possibilities of time travel had call my very young attention and since then i was wondering if time travel is possible, in many years of thinking about it, i came up whit many theoryes, which ones are:

The Spiral Theory: Which explains the possibility of time trave across past and future in a kind of coordinate sistem which allows you to calculate the exact time and position for time travel in any direction, Past or Future. the same theory recall to a warnings of a kinds of paradoxes that can make the Theory fall down, and in the same manner there are some explinations that make the theory a very solid one.

The comunication theory:In the other case there is the comunication theory wich allow you to comunicate whit the future or the past, but even that theory have a very kind of paradoxes.

The Desmolecularization theory: This one allows the subject to travel only to the future.

if any one of you are very intrested in these theorys E-mail me because to understand better those theorys are required some graphics of mine.
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