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The Size of the Universe


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I have made an observation that might interest you all. As I was trying to conceive the general size of the Universe and its rate of expansion I figured something interesting. Taking into consideration that the material part of this universe was brought into being by an explosion and it spread outwards at a constant speed by now several tens of billions of years the universe should be quite big right? Well I do not think so. Yes It might be a Mighty Enormous sand box but in general terms it might be smaller than we expect. It has to do a lot with black holes and an observation that I will term here Hyper Dimensional Mass Energy Conservation.

What I have observed is that the universe being composed of Constructs, and these being made of very exotic matter the inside of the universe continues to move outward at a constant speed from the moment of explosion. Should a fellow travel to the frontiers of this universe he/she would only experience the universe keep on going . However as the same fellow observes the universe from outside the universal globe it would witness that it is not growing anymore than it is shrinking. Its relative size stays the same. The reason is simple Black Holes. By their sheer existence these massive tears in space time do away with space at a constant rate. A rate similar to the expansion of space. Yes I know that it seems A little odd but take it into consideration it is not that absurd once you observe the entire process.

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Following on this thought, then the universe, from its outward point of view, could look like an enormous marvel hanging in a medium. This medium then holds an enormous amount of other like marvels. This marvels then could constitute different universes, not actually alternate universes. However all these universes that exist in this dimension all have alternate expressions of itself. These universes then would be like just another next door planet, star, galaxy or nebulae.

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