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The Prime Temporal Point


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Frends of TR125.0121 I can sense that there is much for you to learn about yourselves and the universal enigma of time phasing. First of all you must all cease the animosities among yourselves, I know for a fact that once your kind achieve this seemingly unsurmountable obstacle everything will swiftly come to your awareness and understanding. The other thing is that you might all be looking in the wrong direction, I explain; most of your scientist are of the belief that you can simply generate a ridiculous amount of energy, adhere it to some even more complicated device and then you will transit through the time stream. Well it has been discovered centuries ago that in order to start a journey one must find the one spot where to first set foot to begin the walk. In order to time phase your so called scientists need to identify what has been denominated as the Prime Temporal Point.
Once the PTP delineated the would be sojourner could phase through time with great ease and very little risk of being caught up in a quantum singularity. Centuries ago, somewhere in time, a society of well rounded, grounded and responsible individuals, working together as one, found this out.
The PTP is the dimension where time, width, length and height are all joined as one single point. No friends is not the fourth dimension, not remotely, it is the one dimension that encompasses the fourth. It is the sixteenth dimension. By accessing this place, the prime plane, one can easily move through time. Some of these re-discoverers explain it to be as if one would lift above all matter and then swiftly travel down to a center and from them on move to the desired point in time in a direct straight line, a Temporal line or T-Line. As you all know I can not say more for now. But please do get along.
Remember that Central is always watching.
<font color="pink"> [/COLOR] I see..hmmm...are you claiming to be an alien, a time traveler, a time cop or a little of all three?? :D <font color="pink"> [/COLOR]
Well Pamela to be honest none of the three categories you just presented really suit me, besides no self respecting time phaser would call himself a time traveler when you ask either. However I'm not any of the above, I simply observe, you might say that the term transient is the one most suitable for my present state. Hope to hear from you soon, bye.
"Some of these re-discoverers explain it to be as if one would lift above all matter and then swiftly travel down to a center and from them on move to the desired point in time in a direct straight line, a Temporal line or T-Line."

If one would lift above all matter wouldn't one become light or spirit?
This "prime temporal point" of which you refer to sounds very much to me like some "phasing" or intent-leading-to-the-ability-to-do-the-impossible (like leaping through time and space) that Carlos Castanda writes about in his series of books narrating his tutorial under Don Juan, a Yaqui indian residing in Mexico.

Don Juan adopted Castanada as his apprentice, just as an indian had with him before, and so on back through the culture's history, which evidently went back many centuries. The idea of modern man ignoring these "ancient wisdoms" seems foolish to me. There very well might be some as yet unproved practices that could be learned from scientifically as well as anthropologically.

The fiction/non-fiction debate about his books continues, but evidently, Castanada claimed he wrote about events that actually occured. Many times throughout the series, the Yaqui shaman was able to identify some sort of "prime temporal point" and leap to another point in time or space with only his will, skill, intent, or experience.

To me, this is in the realm of metaphysics and possibly spirituality, as opposed to classical science approach. Both are very interesting to me, but I try to separate them out. Of course that is not always possible.

So, how do you recognize the "Prime Temporal Point"? Do some people have special, inate abilities to locate these points or events?
Addict indeed /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

Well at least something here finaly sparked your interest :D.

Let's just hope your careful this time


When you mention the term time phasing and the fact that you are simply an observer. Can you elaborate on this? Are we talking RV (Remote Viewing techniques?) or an actually metaphysical machine such as a time displacement unite that can manipulate the electron structure into a virtual recorded duplicate reality into which you can phase in and out of?

Sounds complicated...Just some thoughts floating around in my head...

Friends of TR125.0121, the way to use the Prime Temporal Point by some people is not a remote viewing device nor some sort of mystical engine, rather a technology product of the true desire of human communion. But for those who still wonder the device that uses the PTP as a temporal launch pad is a physical one, as big or as small as the actual use that it will be put to. Whoever it does not manipulates electrons nor any other particle of the fourth dimension, rather it seeks to identify, categorize and seek the lattice created by the positive and the negative charged chronotrons. But that is enough for now, hope to hear from all of you later on, bye.

I find it interesting the message that you are trying to convey here?

You mention that: &lt;&lt;human communion. And somewhere in time a culture has evolved a more advanced society that has understood that what you believe to be religion is actual and factual science and as one society that has learned to co-exist as one single being.&gt;&gt;

Are we talking about the power that is generated by prayer and possibly a biblical writen language that applies to the workings of the universe and all life?

You also mention Alpha and Omega points? This is the magnetic peak/Schuman Resonance/Golden Mean Spiral that is evident in all life. It can be computer graphed as a rising and fluctuating frequency wave.

In any event if this is what your getting at, my next question would be, HOW ON EARTH DOES ONE PURPOSE TO FIND THE PTP WITHOUT KNOWING WHERE THE OTHER MATCHING DIMENTION IS? Is there some graph or computer that can detect and match these fluctuating patterns? or do you purpose that this has to do with the human global conciousness agreeing and resting on one single thought frequency?

Is ths PTP something that is TACTILE?


Not that I can follow what he means about PTP any better, but a prime spatial referrence point would itself have to, as you say, refer to yet other points.

Absolute location is supposedly a 'law of physics no-no'. Thats why we INVENT spatial matricies.

Again being completly right is also being completly wrong [aka 'The Fourth Law' (of the 'Logic Law Trilogy')]. Like whats the one thing you can't do with space? You can't MOVE it anywhere. Therefor space is itself THE fixed prime location, the very one that suppsedly doesn't exist.

Are you the mastermind behind all this?

If what you say is true than the PTP can be achieved from anywhere thoeretically depending on states of conciousness.

Friends of TR125.0121

You find it difficult to understand, but it is not, I will try to be brief and clear this time.
Picture an X to the third power function where its x values begin from 0 to infinity. It will give you a rudimentary graph of several curves. The lines in the graph is the whole of Temporal Prime, the points in the graph are then alternate temporal realities each created by its predecessing point.
Each segment where the graph is to disappear out of the paper is either an alpha or an omega point, depending on your actual point of reference. The place where the graph is actually traced is the continuun of space time, which curves the line as Earthan theorist have proposed in Earth TR125.0121 subjective past. And finally the mid point where the lower vertex of each of the curves do not touch becomes then the Prime Temporal Point. So with no lines crossing this null space there should be no way to reach it, right? well that's where you should think it twice.
See what contains the graph, not just the plane and the its x, y and z axis but the actual piece of paper. This piece of paper in sixtheen dimensional thinking is the only way to get from one point in the graph to the middle or PTP, from where you may access any of the other points without having to traverse the lines that make up the curves. This because the PTP envelopes the continuum and this one envelopes the graph.
Its a lot much more complicated than this, but I hope this simple example help you understand a little better about the Prime Temporal Point
Cat proposed that it could be reached at least theoretically in consciousness, well my friend it seems that some of you are starting to understand what this is all about.
Finally Friend CAT if my mathematical example was of no real help I will use another analogy that you might understand.
Picture yourself as being in the lower sephiroths of the Tree Of Life. Each of the ten sephiroths are the actual realities, containing each an infinite number of sephiroths which are facsimile realities of the parent sephiroth. When you begin to ascend by an effort of Kknowledge
(Chokmah) and Understaning(Binah) you reach the continuum, the sephira of Kether (Crown or Will) which is the First Dimension. No what? Well start to ascend higher into the conformation of the AIN SOPH AUR which is the Second Dimension, then the AIN SOPH which is the Fourth Dimension ,then the AUR (which is Light as you correctly identified previously) and is the Eight Dimension and finally you will find yourself suspended in the Prime Temporal Point, the Sixteenth Dimension, where nothing is but everything has the possibility to be. From this non-place you can access pretty much of what is out there to be and not to be experience by mortal consciousness. I hope I did not get to Kabbalistic with this other explanation
Until later becomes now.

&lt;&lt;&lt;If what you say is true, then PTP can be achieved from anywhere depending on states of consciousness.&gt;&gt;&gt;

How about that, ones consciousness is its own PTP. Simply put its "here" vs "there". Ain't psychology cool, it don't require any math. On the other hand finding the PTP for a solid object would, as Transient shows, require some sharp pencils.


zero to infinity cubed??? I'm supposed to be able to plot that on a graph???? I can do 1 cubed, 2 cubed but after that it all gets a little hazy. I do plan to learn more math any year now, really.

But (and you knew there was a 'but' comming) before we go around sticking numbers on everything in sight I think it important that we have a clear idea of just what it is that will be keeping all those little sticky-notes from falling off and cloging up the vacuum.

Not to change the subject, but my brothers bulldozer cought fire and burned to a total loss last week. Who would figue? I hope my gelous-streak subconscoius had nothing to do with it. Then there was the guy last year whos' dozer blew an engine after being my employ for all of five minutes...nah we need three points to make a story. Does the backhoe going over the cliff count?

Touche on the basic math quip. Speaking of basic math, can you give the general rule for factoring a squared bi-nomial for us. You can state it in terms of x, y or a, b.


Well maybe the warm welcome was premature? I SMELL DEMISE!

You have got to do better than that! for starters reach inside my mind (WATCH OUT FOR THE BINAH!) and tell me what was for dinner yesterday?

And if you profess to know so much about this LANGUAGE OF LIGHT THAN SPELL IT OUT FOR ME? May you answer me back with Ruach Hakodesh of truth...

Make a believer out of me first...Than you will have my full attention!!!

Friend CAT of TR125.0121

I am not really interested in making believers or congregate a group or Microsopopial assembly of followers, I leave that for other entities. However your response was quite harsh, insensitive and plain brute. I sense the same kind of violence and hostility that I get from TTA. Beware the inverted side of the Otz Chiim.
And about the Ruach Hakkodesh, or the Spirit of the Divine, you should praise it with the Ateh Gibor Le Olam Adonanay for He is the One and True Elohim Malak of the entire Aziluth World. Or might you want me to express it in terms of Assiah, Beriah or Yetzirah.

This is the thing and I'm going to bring all honesty forth and its not that Its in my true heart to be harsh, just sceptical to the fact that my privacy may have been violated by you?

The words that you had used to describe this PTP as related to the tree of knowledge. Words like "Binah" are words that I frequently converse to email friends about and also words like "Myriad" that you had used in your postings. I have a heap of information about the Kabalah in my computer just sitting in my email draft box. This friend that I converse with has just recently informed me that he also has been invaded by a hacker! So as it stands Transient you are the prime suspect?

There has never been one doubt in my mind EVER about the GD that I believe in! His place and teachings is in my heart and mind always! What makes you think that I need you or anyone for that matter to tell me otherwise! GO ON CARRY OUT YOUR MISSION HERE FOR IT WAS "ME" WHO HAS TAUGHT YOU WITH HOSPICE AS A DANDELION AFTER FULL BLOOM (WHICH IS SYBOLIC FOR GIFT OF LIFE,) SO ON THE WIND OF WISHES MAY WE MEET AT THE PTP!

&lt;&lt;However your response was quite harsh, insensitive and plain brute. I sense the same kind of violence and hostility that I get from TTA.&gt;&gt;

Snap out of it Transient, and quit your childish whining. It’s your phony approach and need for approval that by what your wanting others to buy into is what makes your sincerity questionable.

Like I told someone else here: *Are you so sure of your self that the desired effect will be achieved by the clever delivery of your words*

Truly pathetic. It’s clear to me now that you want people to listen to you. And from the sounds of your disappointment that you didn’t win CAT over and from your attempts to win me over
, I can tell it was you who wrote me that hate mail. Shall I post it here and show everyone how badly you want people to buy into your facade, or let you go with a warning /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif?… It’s up to you.

Re: The Prime Temporal Point Darby and CAT

How the hourglass would work, is on a slide geometrical scale.

This starts a prime points one could term A, however the traverse is on the curve, to B wherever B might be.

This was the origional jist of what tran001, was trying to say.
The ship should not have visualized, if it was not there.

Time is really localed to heiarchies of time and not measured linneally.

So to be able to traverse back in time, way beyond the many million year mark, is always possable, however one must be able to transend through these barriers in time?

Higher realms of temporance was not was origionally discussed here, however travel in time.

Say forinstance I called Darby up on the phone and said, "Ill drive down to your place, but first stop at Safeway and pick up the low cal ice-cream, but in about fifteen minutes be at you place, for the party"?

Darby would be expecting me at this place, gladd rags and a gallon of chocolate mint swrill, benith my arm, with the bottle of Gran-yeah,(phonetic)in order to make the flam choco mooses.

Instead Darby comes to his front door, while tunes are pumping out on his music box and here I appear at the door, with Sdmar-ki-yee, the wonderful metaphysical holy dog, with me and the dog dressed in holy robes?!

Krishna Krishna, Darby Darby, oh don't drink booze,instead take a snooze"This is what me and the talking dog are singing...

One version of going to the to destination A to B, is the traverse of the Hourglass, then next is into a higher holy realm.

What is it, please clarify?
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