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The Philly Experiment


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I don't want to recreate the PE, because obviously, it was a disaster...if it occured at all. I would like to build a scale model perhaps. (Obviously it would have to be because of costs,)

Right now, I believe that the navy tried to make a ship invisible to RADAR. How did they do that, and what went wrong?

I was thinking; forget all the stuff ever written on the PE. There's so much misinformation out there, the only way to really recreate it, in principle at least, is to start from scratch.

The question to ask, is "I want to make a ship invisible to RADAR. How would I do that?"

Well, RADAR is composed of high frequency waves in the microwave range. So to make something invisible to them, I have to increase the ships natural resonant frequency.

Those war ships were equiped with Degaussers, large coils that quenched the ships EM field.

So, I can use those coils to evelope the ship in a large resonant field. I modulate the field with RF generators; the field will now resonate with the high frequency input.

In theory, the ship should now be invisible to radar. But something went wrong somewhere.

If optic invisibility did occur, how? I think that a kind of 'feedback loop' developed between the modulator generators and the field. The resonant frequency kept increasing, untill it passed the light spectrum.

If the field kept increasing, there might be a point when it would be indistiguishable from free space. This *might* result in the trasportation or time travel claimed.

Anyway, there's alot of literature on the PE that says a rotating field was used. This could be accomplished by phaseshifting the resonant field. But why? What would rotating the field accomplish? Anyone here have any ideas on that?

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Your answers are basicaly correct, depending on who you want to believe. If they used a broader frquency range to include visible light, that would most likly make them invisible.
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