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The new Canadian Wall


Temporal Novice
In the year 2319 Canada starts builing the great Canadian Wall, this is to stop the American Immigration to Canada. This wall is built with the full cooperation of the US Presidents, all 5 of them agreed that the immigration problem needed to be resolved.

Most immigrants are from the state of Mexico some from the Carolina's are claiming roots to Canadian ansestry and re claiming forgotten and abadonned lands.

The wall is built by Canadians and Americans, mostly soldiers but some civilian volonteers are more than happy to help.

Canada help win the last war and are very respected, some say that even the US is at the Canadian's mercy. The csualies of war were very hard on the US, it was a battle that left many without families and friends. Canadians came to the US's rescue, they used what little military forces they had and pushed the enemy back to their home lands, the hot sands took may and killed most.

The lord of the sand was happy to see may fall, this bothered the Canadian brother of freedom, he took arms and faught with his American brother, he too fell to his death but with persistance and brotherly commitment the war was won!

The wall will be up for 10 years then Canada and the US brother will become one nation under one flag for one cause.
So, AlienChild how long are you going to be in our time? Was there a WWIII and WWIIII?

Have you met Canada's old Minister of Agricultural? (2004) And how is the Agricultural industry doing these days?
I never mentioned anything about me being a time traveler, I said that it was from a time traveler.
He left me some notes and scribles on some paper. This was one of his major declerations.

Just relaying the message.

P.S. I am actualy from another planet, not another time line !!

You are an interesting specimen, I see you like sniffing around and getting IP addresses, you think that I am stupid enough to actually use my own ISP and server, I learned this trick 50 years ago on my home world. Your computer technology here is real easy to play around with, lots of security issues with this so calles microsoft system.
AlienChild-I don't think the internet was here 50 years ago and computers have advanced and got even more secure in 50 years.
how could you know how to get passed our computer technology?

microsoft was not around 50 years ago either. bill gates was only born in 1955 and he never set up microsoft until 1975.
We have been on earth for 56 years, I personaly was beamed here, I did not use a "ship" as you understand the meaning of that word.

My home world is a few light years away by your calculations, by ours, we are in transision for about 5 minutes.
It's called studying your past, nothing more. Is it not you the humans that say that you can not go forward without knowing you past?

Learning about humans is quite facinating, you are a very intelligent species with plenty of potential, to bad you are so self centered.
you still never answered the question. you claimed that you have been studying our computers and the security for 50 years but how could you when security has been continually updated?
how could you when microsoft was only started in 1975?
Alienchild' you're from the future then?

There is a star center coming here from Scorpius, did this also have any effect on Earth of the future?
Alienchild said>Learning about humans is quite facinating, you are a very intelligent species with plenty of potential, to bad you are so self centered.

Creedo responds>Alienchild, the way things are set up, in some instance, we have no alternative, but to act self centered?
Chrono, the security did not start with what is called microsoft it has always been in computer here, when I got here 56 years ago my first assigment was with DOD, your internet today started with DOD, the security cyphers have alway been there to a certain extent.
When microsoft was born it was the end of true computers, Bill Gates eliminated(more like retarded) the possibility of have real micro computers. If it was not for him you would be beyond were you are today. Bill Gate is your biggest technological barrier at thi time.

I am not from the future, I was fortunate enough to meet someone who was and he left me with some note from TML-21 (this time line) I only posted what he left me.

The internet was born 54 years ago and was made public in 1984 (a chosen few knew about it prior to that and were using in in their homes for testing and bandwith bench marking)

I have studied and worked real hard to try and understand the human race, the only way to do this is by going to your schools and working your jobs, paying my rent, I don't eat your food though although McDonald french fries are quite tasty.
Yes chery pie, in 2319 there are 5 Presidents. The US is called the Republic of the United States.

This came to be after the revolution then war with the sands. So the notes say.