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Weird Science The Missing link


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I have a ground breaking theory to present but before I do….How do we know we are supposed to be doing this…And furthermore who is to be responsible enough with such power. The danger of such a power would rival that of nuclear technology tenfold. Everything with a use has an abuse. One time terrorist or one perfectly human action prompted by poor judgment could cause devestating repurcussions that we may not have considered with our assumptive theories. Time travel may be the real threat..not nuclear holacost. Perhaps we should be asking God’s permission. God has all the answers. Whether an intellect believes in god or not he must answer to his primary instincts…that of survival. If you know how to do something it doesn’t mean you should. For example, preventing Jesus’s death would be interfering with one of God’s purposes. God would undoubtedly have a concern with such intervention...As well as any other biblical continuum interventions for any faith for that matter….Snatch the apple from Eve and we may never be born…Faith prompted Noah’s heart to listen for instruction for the Ark’s production…it was not built for him. God trusted Noah with the ark…If he didn’t build it would the Human race have survived? Who can god trust with this technology which would rival all others? Consider that all that man discovers points to gods power…only certain things that man discovers..man should use. The below link is to a lamen term theory a 4 year old can grasp that paraphrases the more complex existing knowledge while presenting new perspectives the science communities have yet to realize. There is more to present…please email a request for the remainder of the theory.