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The Maximal Kerr



Does anyone have some solid information on thie phenomenon? I look very hard but only find scrapings. For those of you who don't know what a maximal kerr is:

A singularity (blackhole) that rotates at light speed. Because of it's speed two event horizons are created. The second (outer)horizon is calm and easily transversable much like normal space. It is beleived because of this we could extract great amounts of energy from it safely.

If my definition is wrong or I am deluded feel free to correct me. Thanks ^_^

Again, any links are sppreciated.
You talk of a hole within a hole?

Yes within some explinations of twin, "I say Kherr's" black holes?

Time02112 has said of this information as an off-link within Anomalies.net under Time travel.

I say no more here, it may be that T02 will now attend to you?
The Kerr balck hole exhibits two event horizons from being elctrified or from rotation. The result of which is a null gravity path to the singularity.

As I recall, this was the baisc physics behind John Titor's time machine. There are numberous sites on the web that describe it and show various diagrams.
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