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The facts of time pt1


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Time travel is possible. However it is the most dangerous and powerful thing that man will ever come to know.
With all power there comes responsibility. Yet mankind is not responsible enough to use it. I gave an oath to protect the time line.
But the experiments of mankind in this time period, will soon endanger the future. And all of mankind.
Re: Personal

Could you tell me what you intend to do with the timeline and this Earth? Just remember I am not here to judge and make fun of people including other entities or beings which include lower and higher dimensions and so on!
Re: Personal, sorry Frog? AMAC American Hornet.

Sorry Frog, about enterting your spare time.

Was only teasing you and I thought you would have caught the levity of the joke.

I appologise, you did not.

To Amac, I hope that you can do something with this timeline, as the Dracks have dibs on it, along with at least three or four other types of aliens.

Got to be moral here Amac, if your from another erra, or dimension, we are kinda in your hands, however at this point in time, we dont know what these hands are?

Where ya from Amac?
Re: Personal

Friend Amac of TR125.0121

It is good that you feel responsible for this timeline.
However, not by a long shot is time travel the most powerful thing mankind will be able to harness.
According to my observations, humanity, will be capable of harnessing energies far greater than chronotonic energy lattices. I, as you do, just hope that we as a race learn how to become responsible with such discoveries.

Until later becomes now.
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