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The Extra Dimensions



Wormholes are shortcuts through the 4-dimensions, 5-dimensions, or any dimensions at all. It is the moving without moving --- from where you were to specific point in a space and time and what's ever left. Any comments? Email
A wormhole is a matrionic vortice. Entering one would convert you to another dimensional plane at a different stage of history and/or galactic positioning. However the appearance to the observer you (or another reconstructed you) may or may not reappear at the other end of our universe but someone elses'. Interesting eh. This also destroys the possiblity of a paradox, because it is impossible to go forward or backward in ones own time. It is only possible to skip to a parrallel dimension by radio wave conversion and rematerialization of the matrix vortice, which may or may not be identical to ours nor in the same stage of history. This would give the illusion of time travel.


...The Doctor...
...Magi Systems...
So according to what you say, and we think the time line is a horizontal line across a plane, than we can only travel vertically or diagonally, but never horizontally?
Do you have any practical ideas on how to
create a mini spherical vortex? A tornado
is a good place to start. It is a vortex
created by ionized gases being moved
through the earth's magnetic field which
causes the gases to spiral into a vortex.
Or, how many times have you watched the
water go down a drain? The water spirals
in opposite directions in the northern
hemisphere as to the direction of flow in
the southern hemisphere ( as do
tornados). Water also contains many ions.
So forcing an ionized substance through
a magnetic field creates a vortex. If the
vacuum created were strong enough, the
vortex would infold upon itself to form a
spherical vortex. And, if strong enough
create a radio vacuum spherical vortex
(matrix) like that of the earth's core or
our sun or if larger a mini black hole.
What type of a machine would you
design to do that? Let the creativity
begin...The Doctor...


...The Doctor...
...Magi Systems...
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Alternate timelines are infeasible... What would be the WALL between seperate dimensions? You can't just say TIME, because time is just a measurement by which we count the days.
Alternate dimensions exist only by way of SIZE. If you could SHRINK into infinite (and let's say you actually survive), you would view an infinite number of other realities.
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