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The charge against Chronohistorian:


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Chronohistorian has made one mistake in coming here.

He has said, with the vestitures placed in his power, in reference to any proposed coming change that may or may not happen to this timeline we now read his thread, that and I quote, (These are the changes that are going to be coming your way) and to the effect he says, I don't care whether you like it or not.

He cant do or say this as this is a violation of parallax adjustment and is an arrestable offence, by what are known as time police.

If what he says will come to pass and is now forced to me made true, then this would point to the future as a time ordered oligarchy in that the perception of the known Heisenberg uncertainly principle is now violated.

In and how history unfolds, there must always be a percent chance of uncertainty, or things, events and situations, do not unfold as they would.

Chronohistorian is in gross legal violation of the time traveler's code and should be apprehended at the discretion of property time patrol authorities at once.

Looking at the past by visiting it and saying that events are going to change, does not indicate that in a per random chance how how things actually unfold, that these said events would come true?
no you haven't - there is no such thing as a time guard - i am his father who Brick is PRETENDING is a Time Guard - what nonsense! Stop this now, son, I implore you! We're nothing but future-tourists! Oh I DO long for the clinical purity of the 26th Century again!
Sig' there are reports of time travel now?

There is said to have been a guy who went back to the 1970s, as he liked the disco era.

When this guy got back there, he was going around simply enjoying the 70s, but overplaying his role.

He finally saw some guys in black suits that said wait a minute to him and said to them, "The 1970s, its a great time isn't it"?

Well anyway they kind of chased him into an ally and produced weapons that shot a firelike beam into him.

The next thing he realized, he was immediately back in his own time, his portable time machine was unable to work and he could no longer time-travel.

I have heard many, many instances of time travel, in short jumps in this society.

When you goof up a timeline, that timeline barrows items from the timeline, next to it.

I bet you spit if after work you got into your car and the glove box was ten times bigger than it was supposed to be, or steering wheel, was only half that size?

Yes' improper time travel can affect the timelines next to each other and there are, believe it or not, what is known as time cops?
Poster: chronohistorian
Subject: Re: The charge against Chronohistorian:

There is such thing as time guards

yes there is?? why are there a time guards?? why need one?? also I just wonder are they working for secret government who want to be there way instead our way??

my point is this why are they stoping the people from travel though time?? I think because they want the government way not your...that why. write back. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Time guards are people that enforce the time law. which means no one is allowed to go back in time without the goverment's permission because they could change history.

If a government never had time guards then they would be incompetant because then anybody could go back and change something.

If the government wanted the time guards to change time then they would be stupid because after they change something a completely new government could be voted in or the leader may never have existed.