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The Book of Aquarius and The Philosopher’s Stone


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Hey everyone,

Have you guys heard of the Book of Aquarius before? It’s a book that explains in great detail the entire process of creating the Philosopher’s Stone. Allegedly, the real one.

Here it is in PDF format.

Spoiler alert: it’s made of urine. Gallons of urine. And it will take you years to make it. Years of distilling urine and other processes. It goes through several stages, like a black stage, a white stage, then finally a red stage.

There’s no way to know how much of it is reasonable info, VS made-up stuff. The author is anonymous… Is this legit? No way to know, but I have my doubts. Are there bits and pieces that are true? Maybe… No idea where all that info comes from.

Let us know what you think.


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Well, to be fair I have plenty.

I’ll have a read.

Disgusted Jim Carrey GIF

Make sure you share the wildest things you stumble upon.

I plan to read it, but I gotta admit it’s not in my high priority list yet.

But I’m super intrigued by the alchemical manipulations and chemical processes they detail in there. And what kind of crazy hoops you have to jump through along the way.

I can’t find it anymore, but I’ve read about a dude who tried to make the stone, a couple of centuries ago, and he used to collect pee from lots and lots of people. They believe he might have processed over 5500l of urine… My God!
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