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The answer to the death paradox.


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Here are the facts...direct observations. There are juxtapositions from which multiple futures may exist. Killing one's grandfather doesn't erase one's present existence. In fact, changing that past can have no effect on your future/present. Practice with short jaunts into futures relative to you only. Observe the results of your choices, then travel back to where you are now and see how easy it is to handle even the worst situations. It takes an experienced and strong-willed person to go beyond your future and actually see the future of something larger than your own life. It can be overwhelming and frightening. If you share those experiences before they actually happen, you may lose everything...friends, home, job, and even your freedom. Just be pleased you believe it can be done.
I believe that where ever you are in time i.e. the past, the future you become a part of that time so killing your grandfather will not affect you at all. But it will affect your excistince in the future but because you are then a part of the past it wont matter. Perhaps it would work better in quantam physics where you killing your grandfather causes an alternate world to spawn and in that world you dont excist but you excist as a time traveller from another dimension or the future.
These "juxtapositions" you speak of,

could these possibly be the third coordinates of time about which I have been posting recently, namely, the dimension which I call "original time"?
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    Mylar Mylar: I read this on a french YT channel about UFOs, that: Magnetic field + gamma rays can be used to...