"The future ain't what it used to be."
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hey. The way I think you use time is through the gravemetric force of a black hole. And a ship that can travel at faster then light speeds. accelerate through the worm hole to be put in a random place in the universe at a random time. OR you would be put at a random time same place. THESE ARE MY opinions if you want to add something please do so but copy it and e-mail it to me at [email protected]. Maby we can have a little discution.
A faster-than-light ship? Faster-than-light space-ships went out with the Buck Rogers comics... No message or material could ever break the FTL barrier. I see one solution, though... Use tachyons!
I agree with you, mad1. However out government will not try it. What are they doing up in the space shuttle and what are they really going to do with the space station? I had hope in my lifetime there would be some discovery that would knock me off my chair. Perhaps I can hope for my daughter's future. I have no doubt in my mind that we have been visited. They are good, as no proof has been turned up...unless...we of course haven't been told.

Today is a good day to die.
Hey progboy 1, How do yo ukno wthere in not a material. DO YOU THINK THE GOVENMENT TELLS US EVERYTHING? if you do your just stupid.
Your theory is interesting, and may definitely have merit but would involve highly advanced and sofisticated space technology which is far far in the future.

I have discovered time travel and hereby announce this to the present world on this 9th day of October 2000. We wish to protect our privacy from the Bulletin Board Police who may (or may not) be working for special interest groups or powerful government agencies.

We tried to announce our findings earlier on this forum but did not wish to give out any personal information.

We are also very concerned about ethical and moral issues around time travel (specifically greed-motivated individuals who would manipulate the stock market or major historical events, etc.) This is another reason for our cautiousness about personal information. We are looking into an International patent for our method but currently have not created any documents (all information is in our minds).

We are building a website and will provide the neccessary information to qualifying individuals. We will be announcing our site here in the near future.

Yours Truly,
Ugly Bob
Hey, mad1:

Three problems:

1) going FTL would take infinite energy. no dice.

2) if you went into a black hole you wouldn't get out - if you went close enough, not even with FTL. even fewer dice.

3) finding a black hole - the nearest are very very far away. getting there would take AGES!!
Yea BUT with this technology would also come with a steler converter.
I have actually made blueprints that work.
Also it would not take infanite energy
and you can get through a blck hole YOU ARE TRVELING THROUGH TIME!! you would just come out the other side since yuo are traveling at faster than light DUH!
It is possible to travel through a black hole, but obviously none of you have ever studied black hole physics. It states in the theorys that when you enter a black hole past the event horizen if the slope leading to the singularity is steep enough the spaghetificatoin efect will occur(when you are moving at a slower time period due to teh black hole and your body is being pulled out of the vent horizon at a differnt speed then you are being pulled in. After you went through a black hole, which then you would break the FTL barrier you would be going at a slower time rate then. Once you exit the worm hole you would be in another universe. You would be spit out of a white hole. A white hole is the exact opposite of a black hole. IT spits out matter. In that universe all physics all geometry would be differnt possibly. Cicles wouldn't be there hardest thing to draw perfectly a square might be. OR some other geometric figure we haven't dreamed of. There are so many unknowns that you would not know were when or even why you came out of the worm hole were you did. And another little note you wold have to make a ship wiht a hull made of a element or alloy that was stronger than platnum. Or harder than a diamond. Although you would also have to sheild the rest of the ship from radiation. A black hole by definition is a collapsed star. That is so dense that even light is sucked into it. Another little note the only way I know that time travel is even remotely posible is if we stretch a long line out to an infinite distance(or as long as possilble) then set a course trajectory to fly around the string in a corkscrew effect that would create a lapse in space itme if you whent fast enough around it.
PSS: does anyone in here know anything about quantum physics?
I guess I was implicitly implying that there's no way to travel through a black hole IN THIS UNIVERSE. Stuff disappears into them, we never see it again. good enough for me.

And yah, I know a tad about quantum mechanics.

mad1: care to show some math, rather than just inanely proselytizing?
God shut up
how old are you anyway?
I have no way of knowing anything above arias
I am 12 fraking years old
I made this up theory at 8
I am not lying
That ticks me off that you have the nerve to insult a little kid about a thery that might actually work You disgist me phyco.
In response to [email protected]'s rather rude statement in the beginning of this topic to me, do you really believe that the goverment controls everything? Use Ockham's Razor, and if you don't know what that is, then to quote you, 'you're just stupid.'
I am impressed Crono. If you and madstick are making these kinds of mathematical and theoretical connections at your age then by the time you are my age who knows what hidden secrets of the universe you will have uncovered by the time you are my age. I must however concure with the vast majority that we all must maintain humility in our indeavors. I have discovered through humiliation brought on by my own self deluded pride that our since of accomplishment at discovering a theory or view is always somewhat an illussion till we have proved the theory. I have also come to the conclusion that no theory is completely correct. I believe this to be in some fashion related to the unscertainty principle.
I also believe that as a result of this that even theories such as Einstiens theory of relativity that exibit a high level of accuracy will lead every theory throughout time built on the highly accurate theory slightly off course. Although, at first, these deviations may be miniscule and insignificant: after a period of time these small deviations will add up down the time-line to theories that are way off coarse and highly inaccurate causing us to question and even toss out Einstiens nearly accurate theory all together. In light of this I believe that we ought to revise science periodically and never throw out a theory but constantly adapt science to new ends so that this cycle of discover-stray off track-through out discovery- forget the discovery- rediscover the discovery.......n may be broken and science and knowlege may truelly be able to advance. I am not for sure if this is possible though on account of biblical profecy in ecclesiastes that states that, "there is nothing new under the sun". And where it is written that, " the door that the lord openeth, no man can shut; and the door that the lord shutteth, no man can openeth.".