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Thank you & Goodbye

Hello everyone, Charlie here. Some of you might remember me and some of you won't.

In your prespective, it has been over 6 months since I was last here. In my perspective, nearly a year. My survey of the period 1980 to 2004 is complete but I wanted to give some closure to last year.

Firstly, you will be happy to know that we found John in Wisconsin not long ago and has agreed to come home. Although, the

method used to find him was detected by this period. It was reported as a UFO sighting that unfortunately many saw. Sadly he

is suffering from an undiagnosed mental degenerative condition that we have not been able to treat as yet. He is in sound condition and is in no pain. He sends his wishes along with what I am about to say.

Some of you are wondering why the earthquake I mentioned has not happened in your prespective when I used the word, soon, in relation to a timeframe. The information I had at the time was that an extreme large quake was a few months after an eclipse.

The only information we had on an eclipse before the end of 2004 was the one last year until further studies of the information I brought back to the future were analysed. We then realised that we had the wrong eclipse.

Seeing that it was me who volunteered this information in the first instance, we felt it relevant that a correction be issued thus authorisation for this incursion was given.

Finally, although many of you do not realise it. You have given me a unique insight into humanity in this period of history.

I was I could have met some of you. The experience from this forum coupled with what I learnt by living with people from this time in the country of my birth pre 2005 has given me something that I will never forget and has made me even more determined

that the mistakes made in the past 25 years never happen again.

I wish all of you well for the coming months as they will be very difficult. June 2004 is as close to my present day that the Council allows us to travel to therefore you will not see me in this capacity again. Maybe I will meet some of you one day

post 2005. Not that you will remember, but if you do, there is a Memorial Garden on one of the California Islands. The largest one from the mainland. This gardens has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. I go there very often to think. Just call out Charlie from TTI. I will recognise it.

Just remember always the fundamental good nature of every human being and that survival is not just looking after yourself.

It is looking after each other.

Amazing! I literally just arrived back to 2042 and no sooner I stepped off the shuttle ex Sydney into Dallas, I was told that I had to come back and delete all private mail in my email box. Most of them were sent to me last year during my first visit. There was nothing important in there and my honest opinion was that it was a waste of resources. I wasn't going to go back on the shuttle for a 3 hour flight to Sydney for my C300. Just as well some members of Beta Team were home. (There - I had my little bitch session. Thanks for listening)

I was surprised that that nobody has commented in here. I can only surmise that there was too much time between my visits here. A

Also, you may find visitors from my time period increase over June. I know there were some information collected that could only be collected June 2004 onwards. But like I said, The Council will not allow us to travel here after June 2004. I haven't read the official reports from those missions but I know some had contact in this forum for the period they were here.

Good Luck All.

Hi Charlie,

Aren't you going to stick around for your -1 year birthday on June 18th? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I notice you say your current time is 2042 instead of December 2039 (like you posted back in November). What's new?

Glad to hear you found John. Ask him to email Pamela to clear up some hurt feelings.