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I think there is more to those
"Tesla - Globes", than what you might be suprised to find out!

any comments?

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

Hey Time,
Ill bet you would be interested in that new movie they have under the new releases at blockbuster videos. its called LOST IN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE. I just seen it about a week ago. they build a tesla tower on the back of the boat. Kinda like the tower it has two rotating half-balls that rotate around each other and create output. the purpose was magnetic resonance the tower produced lightning and power equal to the force already in the triangle and it burst forth with a powerful light and broke through the dimension the ship teleported to the new dimension where there appeared an island that was not apparent until you broke through to the dimension. it was unstable and had no stabilizer so there were weird effects on the island and parts of the island disappeared and reappeared. it was interesting anyway.
I dont know if you would like it or not made me think of it when you mentioned tesla spheres.


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Time02112, I'm no expert in electricity but fields in close proxcimity to people would definately have some effect. I shudder to think if we had completed his WORLD SPHERE plan. The tower was knocked down and the land sold because he could not pay his hotel bill. He was a genious but his work,in my opinion, was potentially dangerous.
I don't "Shudder" to think about what may have happened if we built those tesla world spheres at all, matter of factly we should have listened to Tesla years ago, if we had, we would have advanced our civilization to quantum leaps far beyond where we are today!

It was mans greed that prevented this then, and it is mans greed as to why we are still relying on fossil fuel today.

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

Time02112, I understand how it could have speeded up technology but wouldn't the charge be flowing randomly through human nervous systems? And would you please expound on your opening statement.
actually telsa wanted to send power through the earth using scaler waves. doing this would not be dangerous at all. in case you are wandering scaler waves are electromagnetic waves that can penetrate a copper cage, that is the only weird effect that they have.(despite what some people on this post have said)
By the accepted definition the term " scaler wave " is invalid. What is the source of this term?
Light is an electromagnetic wave that can penetrate a copper cage, but it's described in terms of vectors, not scalars.

Tesla's power-distribution ideas remind me of those automatic-timekeeping clocks, which recieve signals on the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radio band, sent from a few stations around the world. One station can, with very little energy expenditure, send these synchronising signals almost halfway around the world.

As for 'scalar', maybe the idea was to send power in all directions...
A conventional tesla coil can transmit electricity without wires. Just hold a neon tube next to it, and it will glow brightly.

He was going to transmit electricity with a giant tesla coil, that used the earth as a capacitor. The coil was set to resonate with the natural capacitance of the earth.

Doing this, anyone could get electricity simply by hooking a radio like device to a ground, and tuning it to the right frequency.
Exactly. That's why Morgan cut Tesla's funding, made him a laughing stock, and why I'm still paying an outrageous amount of money to Virginia Power every month.
(Dugh!) Exactly my point as well, I just wish that everyone else could understand the simplicity of such logic!

"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

Yeah, but in a capitalist economy you'll never get such a basic utility for free. The only energy we get for free is from the sun, and I'm sure if 'they' could charge for it they would.

(question deleted)

Fine, fine. Shouldn't have used the word in the first place. But I didn't mean Communist as in "evil Commie pig" - I just meant, do you believe in free distribution of resources, to all citizens, free of charge?

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Tesla was right, our GVT is still wrong!

*Wrong for hidding the truth of Tesla's amazing discoveries from the rest of the world.

*Wrong for plotting his financial demise and supporting other corporate vultures to assist with stripping away any credentials he had, and preventing Mr.Tesla from proving to the rest of the world that his designs do in fact work!

*Wrong for virtualy burying him alive, and then stealing everything he had, for their own special intrests, and then lying to us about it.

*Wrong for not admitting to the rest of the world the ugly truth of how big GVT & "Old Money" had abused their power over Mr. Tesla, and even to this day refuses to set the record straight in our public schools history books, in spite of all of the pleas to do so by many it's private citizens, and those sponsored by the Tesla Society.

*Wrong for the blatent lies, cover ups, disinformation, refusal to turn over documents requested via the "Freedom of Information Act" by denying their existence, and those that are proven to exist, are blotted out by black marking over what they consider "sensitive information" while the rest of the evidence gets fed into the shredders.

Nicola Tesla was right, we should have listened to him over 100 yrs. ago!

Below is a link to an audio archive Laura Lee broadcast, with special Guest, "Robert Lomas" he discusses some history about Nicola Tesla, and some of his work that is still being rediscovered today.


The Laura Lee Show for November 6, 1999
11/06/99 http://www.lauralee.com/archives/index.htm
Guests include Robert Lomas on "New Views of Nikola Tesla," Scotty McLennan on "Stages of the Spiritual Journey" and John Hogue on "Prophesy for the Next Thousand Years."
Click on the link provided, scroll down to the pertaining text, and click on the "speaker icon" next to the pertaining text to listen to the audio broadcast.
.....and here's another one, related to the subject of "Alternative/Free Energy"
Gene Mallove
Gene Mallove joins the round table for a discussion on alternative energy. He says, "The goal of clean and free energy for the future is not a fantasy." This is a Laura Lee Vault Presentation - originally aired 11/20/99.
Hoorah Devil Dog, I am currently serving in the U.S.M.C. as an aircraft hydraulics mech. They have me fapped out to AVI now though. What do you think about whats going on over in the middle east right now do you think that we may be called in to settle this dispute between isreal and palestine? On a different note I heard that osimov tesla accidently sent a lightning bolt aimed at the north pole and missed and that the bolt amplified by the ionisphere and magnetosphere came down with the energy about five times as powerful as the nuclear bomb released over Hiroshima. It supposedly came down in siberia?
You are correct in your assumtions of the scuttlebutt pertaining to the fammed Nicola Tesla "Death Ray", it was believed that this was perhaps his final attempt to prove to mankind the potential that his inventions could produce, i.e. to "Protect & Serve" humanity, or to "Destroy" it.

The insurmountable destruction left in it's wake, was further rumoured, to have been the prime example of the millions of acres of forestry that was leved & destroyed in Siberia, (Tugsten area) and perhaps it was a natural meteorite, or commet, then again...perhaps not???
unregistered posted 15 October 2000 16:36
I've heard somewhere that Tesla coils can be used to time travel, is this true?
(ProgBoy2; I hope you did'nt mind me moving your post here, since we "Already" had created such a thread dedicated to "TESLA")

Yes, you heard correct!
I am sure that "Some form" of Time~Travel device would more than likely use internal components within such a device, based on Tesla's coils, and perhaps some other devices used in his earlier research.
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