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Temporal effects



It's all fine and dandy talking about alternate dimensions, wormholes, etc., but I think we're all forgetting the effects any sort of "time travel" would have on us, our conscious, our "view point".

It is excusable to accept that our "conscience" is "inside" our heads, a part of our brains. This is not so!

Our brains are made of "molecules", matter, energy. This world is also percieved to be made of teh same thing. There are limits, rules, actually computer codes.

Physicists and philosophers have pondered for millennia to "why" things "exist" and why something drops to the floor when we let go. The "reason" for all this has for ever eluded them. The reason is simple, to us it is obvious.

It is simply programmed to do this. The only plausable conclusion to this is that this world is not real, but some sort of pre-determined universe or a computer program.

Whether a programmer wrote:

<begin simple code>
cause:IF<rock=drop then/[BR>consequence:fall to ground/
<end simple code>

Or not, this world is based on rules, which leads to that it isn't real. There is a higher power, one we will NEVER encounter.

Peter J. Attwood

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Our greatest minds have sat and pondered over the existance of whether we are real or if anything we perceive actually exists. The conclusion to these questions where "I think therefore I am"... DECARTE was saying that he came to the conclusion of whether he was real because he was able to question it in the first place. Other contributes were the MATHEMATICAL example, as to say, that no matter what "ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS TWO"... in reference to reality, DECARTE could not say that no matter where he was (alive or dreaming), or in what language was spoken; ONE OBJECT ADDED TO ANOTHER OBJECT IS TWO OBJECTS. There is nothing to deny that fact, therefore it is REAL.
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