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Suggestion!!! Everybody, please put your comments!


Since many weeks, registred and unregistred users have increase in number in the time travel forum, in one day we could found as much as 10 posts going on, it's pretty cool to find as much people interested in the subject, but in an other hand, it becomes heavier to follow all the post: it's becoming very general around the subject, and as the number will increase, we will skip post and loose interest. I think we need to "cut" this very forum in two sub-forums, that all the already consulting users will continue to view and participate to.

I'm shure we can afford to divide the general time travel forum in 2 sections:

-TIME TRAVEL TECHNICAL (the technical points, time travel machines, realisation and history of it, not philosophycaly...)

-TIME TRAVEL PHYLOSOPHICAL (Ideas, phylosophy and theories, not technicaly...)

I think the average of the users will continue to go thru both of them, except those who are less "technical" or those who are less "phylosophe", who are going to stick more on their side of the subject.

We already have 4 generals path to the time travel institute, that are good and enough, some are less frequented than others, adding a "new" version of the subject have to be a good idea, and I agree, if it does not work (if people don't stick to it), then it's a mistake. I propose myself to be the moderator of this "path" if you give me the choice, and if it's possible, I would be very glad to share this privilege with Time02112 or any interested veteran of the forum, who agree with the fact ] but the message would have to be clear in the actual time travel forum: that there's a place for the philosophy... abd a place for physical realisation and technique(science).

I think that if we don't do that we're going to lose interest. Many users like to keep the forum fluent and accessible (I do), when there's too much post going on we create a big mess - we skip message, we don't read everything, we miss stuff...

Any suggestion or comments?
I think is a great idea of yours dob! You see, if everyone listen to each other there will be better solutions. I just became a member, and I hope the mistery of time travel could be unraveled soon. As for my comments I would like to hear your opinion in case I do not get a response.

Your idea may be a good one but it needs some work. You have proposed division into A) theory and B) practice (aka 'technical').

However PSYCHOLOGICAL time travel is going to end up half in one catagory, half in the other. What to do, what to do?

What about types of TT that we haven't even thought of yet? Like 'age travel' as some one brought up last week.

The forum as it is now is 'TimeTravel-General'. A general or misc. catagory will always be needed. If you want more specific catagories they should be offered as *additional* choices to this general one. IMHO.
Thanx for your suggestions!

Shadow you pull a right rope, there would always be a need for a general forum. (And it's possible than both excange the same topic too, that's why it have to be precise and clear that there's a second forum for that panel of the topic.

Although it may seem like a good idea, I doubt that Mop would go for it, some things are better left alone, and in this case if it's not broken, there is nothing to fix.

Perhaps you could create the threads, and if those who wish to stay within those threads, it would be like a "sub" forum.

Tanx Time02112 for your point. I've sent the request to Mop, he said that some things will change within weeks, he said so, so!

On your respect, all broken things don't have to be fixed (you're right), but from my perspective it's always better to find out solutions than waiting to fix once it's broken. I understand why you're still here, after years! But that's why (also) so much people has left since the begining.

It really depends on the vocation of the forum, is it a Fast-Food information restaurant for the first hungry that look for an interesting subject, or it is something that catch attention not only at the first sight but also keep the interest of the users truking seasons after seasons?

Creating a thread doesn't fix anything for a long term solution, but your idea is good, I let you the chance to experiment it.

I'm perfectionist, I expect more from the people, I expect also a lot from myself. I just have to see things evoluate. I make decisions very fast when I feel that I get enough. Maybe you're not feeling the same, I agree.

Anyway, let's see within weeks what changes are gonna come!
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