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Sublayer Universe:Explains Quantum Ambiguousness


Imagine an alternate universe in which the quantum particulates co-exist in both our "perceived universe" and another, only, these particulates occupy entirely different compositional makeups and distribution. They ambiguously occupy a position in our universe, say the atoms in our thumb, whilst they occupy an entirely different position in another universe, say in the depths of a sun. One position has no bearing upon the other. Thereby, these very small bits of matter have inherent knowledge or capabilities of the expression of themselves in another conceived reality.

Thus explaining the paradox of wave vs. particle quantum mechanics, the two suitcases travelling in different directions across the globe, and neither one determining what result the other will have until it reaches it's desitnation.

In a purely diagramical sense, imagine these two universes as 2 planes, parallel to one another, with each point on both planes tied to a point on the other, in like a old-fashioned telephone operator's board. Thinking multi-dimensionally, these little bits are in one place in one universe while they are in quite another position in the other universe, depending upon your perspective. Now, imagine these 2 planes three-dimensionally, turning before you like a hologram or computer image , turning 360 degrees. Until at some point they all line up perfectly, and have the impression of being one plane. Creating a pattern, in which holes or gates can be found. A sort of map, or clandesitine "thoroughfare of opportunity".

Now, imagine this is so, but there are = or < infinite multiple dimensions. It would be simply "infinite" except that all conceivable universes are not viable or possible. So it is equal to or lesser than.

Mathematically, this concept shapes itself as a pyramid, when one plots it upon a 4 dimensional grid, the fourth dimension being of course time. And the pyramid continues on infinitely, outward from the apex, representing the future, the great unknown.

But this is simply our perception of this "thang" we call time, and how it completely colours our vision of truth and logic and science.

If one could completely take the ego out of studying science, if we could become pure spirit or energy, I believe the whole of it would appear quite logical and illogical at the same time. And we would not have a problem with that. We would accept amibiguity and complexity as just the intricacy of the fabric of existence.

Maybe there are hints to these other planes of existence, found in our science and our anthropological culture? Maybe someday, mankind will acknowledge these pathways to our future? And maybe we will find a quantum map, or a key to a map, to explore the nether regions of our imagination? Maybe souls have been doing it for centuries, in their own indiosyncratic ways? I kind of think so, sometimes.

I only see the visions or concepts depicted in my head, which I have attempted to explain here.

I welcome discussion, questions, mockery, whatall....

Go to google type in "fuzzy logic", get 344,000 hits.

Ambiguity has been discovered already. Binary logic is a subset of fuzzy logic.

Certainty is 1/1 AKA 50/50. Again 100% certainty is 100/100.
100/100 = 1/1 = 50/50 = 1 = 1/1 get it? Any 1 is actually one divided by one. The one, is and ain't simutainiously. By fuzzy logic it is in actuality 50% present AND 50% not present.

For example it proves that your computer screen is neither present nor not present. Its' percieved location is merely where it WOULD be if it were actually there.
The ability to perceive infinity in quantative terms intrigues me. Is one infinity of a different size and dimesion than another? How can that be? Mathematically, it tis possible, but how can our puny human brains even imagine one infinity, let alone compare it to another?

Is TIME infinte?

Yea, yea I know. My posting wasn't exactly crystal clear logic.

I was trying to describe a theory which is in images in my head, and of which I find difficult to put into words.

But, and I must enter into a "contrary stance", it is possible to conceive of a "limited infinity" as opposed to infinity itself. And this may play havic with our brains and ideas, but we must deal with these incongruities if we are to advance spacially and temporally. We must think on multiple levels or dimensions. Higher mathematics and conceptualization are required.

By "limited infinity", I am trying to put forth the idea of a shape (any shape, any form, but it does have shape, edges, boundaries, it has form) a shape that is infinite. Because it is a shape, that goes on forever, even though there are boundaries, by definition there are spaces that are excluded. So, there is a more infinite expanse than the infinte shape. The excluded parts are those that are not possible. Does this make it clearer?

If I understood your posting, you were saying that 1=1, and no other imagineable equations applied?

Am I wrong? If so, please delineate for me.


<<<If I understood your posting, you were saying that 1=1, and no other imagineable equations applied?>>>

No, thats exactly what I'm NOT saying. The point is that when you use math, which here is assumed to reflect reality correctly, one does NOT equal one. It equals 1/1. And one over one is mathmatically equivilent to 50/50 ie fifty-fifty. And I extended that (for funsies) to mean a plus fifty and a minus fifty which then equals zero. So by this 1=0.....or equals infinity, as you like.

But don't take my word for it, if you really want to explore ambiguity go to the fuzzy math sites like I said.

Actually I've digessed from your main point which was the correspondence of point-to-point between universes. You seem to be on the right track with your observations BUT the exact math link-ups ie WHY what you say is so, is a much trickier matter. Too tricky for my limited math skills!
Shadow' when pres says something can go on forever, he can't really mean this.

The presperphonium is only speaking figurativly. Howeber if it is a racemose, (race-mouse) and the viewer is caught within this particular routing, then quizically speaking, "yes forever as long as forever last".

However in scale, to multiple quadrillions, mmmmm?' outside both boundary layers of the universe or where m+ and m+2 should lie?...Hmmmm' NO, can't go on forever, as the questions as to whether stringed space goes beyond both layers of universe, well this hasn't been answered?

Not math, not even higher mathamatics, not physics, not astrophysics, not even quantum astrophysics, of multilayered universal phylosphy, however quantum spaced scale.Google upon google upon google, without internvention into all capsulaited timed locus access points.

:oops:Shadow, how do you stay so fresh at the end of the day,...I mean what's your secret?

You know I use a good deoterant bath bar, however near the close of the day, I have to shower, while you seem to go on and on.

What is your secret and how do you stay so fresh, with the aire of home fresh goodness as part of your coutinance?

I've got to know pal, please tell me?!!

<<<Shadow, how do you stay so fresh at the end of day?>>>

Simple, I just start off the day stinkin rightously and it tends to clear up naturally as the day wears on. Confucius say "to many showers is dirts' revenge". Chairman Mao says "Confucius full of [censored]".
Next question please.

You, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back!?

Ah ya, ecthemm, ah how much ah, dinamite do you have to ram up a hens ah what was the question again?
Dear, dear Creedo,

What I am trying to describe (you'll forgive me for the time dalay, haha, "time" being the operative word here, maybe I wasn't delayed, just time travelling),

"Infinity" is equal to or lesser than "infinity" superscript "infinity".

Better known as "that damned equation" but extremely, extremely watered down and simplified.

Is that fuzzy enough?

And, considering this precept, and what it implies, as regards to infinte universes...I used the example of only an alternate universe, because it is much simpler. But in these infinite universes, what if each teensy, weensy little bit of energy or matter, each dot on the spectral plane, had a corresponding point on another plane. Like these dots of energy that were incarnated at the beginning of existence, thus vectored out into separate realities, but always held some connection to their "sibling" reality points of energy. In these alternate planes of existence, these minute, fundamental bits of "stuff" or energy, inately encompassed the inherent knowledge or nature of their counterparts in different positions and existences.

What I am trying to describe, would explain the quantum paradox. Where the photon is both wave and particle (or package). And the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty, where one does not know how that photon will react till tested, it becomes a probabilty. And seemingly, these particles seem to have "magical" powers, to discern the undiscernable. As if time is not asymetrical. (Meaning their knowledge or nature goes both forwards and backwards in time, very simplistically). But, as all scientists know, through the second law of thermal dynamics, where entropy plays a part, a cold mass can not lend its energy to a warmer mass. Just doesn't work that way without some tinkering of the physics involved,(well at least as far as we know). This second law of thermal dymnamics has been the mainstay to confirm the asymetry of time (the one-directional nature of it).

Alternate universes, of course, explain the physical discrepancy. It is not a new theory, just a very logical one. But it is distasteful to humanity for its messiness, and it's implications. It might very well imply that our universe is not "central". And we humans dislike that idea. Just as we resisted the notions that the world was not flat, nor central to the galaxy or solar system.

Homage be
oh Newton comma Isaac
oh homage be the one to topple our ego
the apple
the fruit of knowledge
it fell speaking gravity
it fell speaking humanity
truth be told
in health no warranty
we each hold the apple
in our own way
in our own time
delicious prime
must we break the skin to the flesh
to learn the secrets
the whispers
the claims of our futures's past
chime, oh the apple
oh the humanity
oh the time

"The appropriateness of chance is astounding"
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