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Steven Gibbs devices works!!



Steven Gibbs devices works, the problem that people thought that they didnt time travel or paralell jumping using his devices are wrong. So they give up and threw away the devices. The real answer is that this devices really works and is true!, but the divergence created in them is so small that we cant notice it.
Go to the board to ask questions about this.
Laser pointers are effective location detectors of gravitational, or warped frame drag zones, whever you see the light emmiting from the laser pointer start to "Bend",... there's you portal!

Note: you will need to blow smoke, or steam over the beam , so the light stream will become visible

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So, if I were so inclined I could walk about on a foggy evening and possibly discover a space-time warp with my laser pointer. Cool. Then if I had any sense what-so-ever I'd turn around and run like hell.
One time I got this laser gadget at radio-shack (was a big temptation because the price was the half of regular one, anyway I got traped, the battery wasn't included), I still have it. For me it's not very extraordinary to get the laser being "disturb": I was in Winnipeg, Canada, and there was a kind of boreal orora, at night, producing the effect that every lights made a kind of cylinder of light going up from the source of the light, to the sky (very vertical) depending on where you were on the street. Pretty messy to explain, but real. Does the incurving of a laser actually introduce the fact that a time portal in "open" ?
"Does the incurving of a laser actually introduce the fact that a time portal in "open" ?"
-No. It just means there is some form of electromagnetic or gravitational disturbance in the area. This DOES occur naturally (bermuda triangle), but it is claimed mostly as a side effect of time travel devices.
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