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Star Wars Needs Basic Science and Logic



Have you ever looked in a mirror? You should know that it reflects light. The film production of Star Wars doesn't seem to know this, however. With all their lasers and lightsabers, it would seem ligical to use mirrors to counteract them. After all, they are forms of light, aren't they? A spacecraft equipped with mirrors on all of its surfaces would also be rendered invisible in space.
There is also the problem of aerodynamics in the movies. All of the spacecraft shown have aerodynamic surfaces with wings and fins. This would only be useful for planetary flight, not space flight. They could just build a cube, equip it with modern guns and missiles, put mirrors all over it, and the only thing that would be visible would be the engines. This is the next leap of military technology.
I was said on the Lisa Givens from Hollywood Show, that actually the first episode of the Star Wars series, was channeled from a past life expiernece.

They had even intervierwed the guy who did this.

The script got to George Lucas and was put into production.

It's just not aerodynmaics, however antimagnetism in addition to lift generating surfaces.

We in this society, truly have no concept how old this universe is, or how many heiarchies have existed before us?

I feel that the past offers more than we can imagine has ever happened.
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