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Speaking of multiple timelines...



Here's a URL someone sent me:

Parallel Worlds. It's about alternate realities and that kind of stuff. So pay them a visit and enjoy.

Good web design, I think.

I don't know MOP, perhaps I've inadvertantly wandered into a realm here that is not what my first impression of it was.

After reading the home page and then several of the posted messages I thought I was in for some hard scientific dialog on the concept of time travel.

It seems the longer I linger here, the more I get the impression that the devotees of this site are more into exploring the etherial, esoteric and spiritual aspects of the subject, which to me is not really time travel at all.

I'm not trying to belittle anything or in any way discount anyone's beliefs, but I'm more into the hard science of things and perhaps this is not the forum for me.

The site you list above as a recommendation is just not my idea of what discussions about time travel are. The site has its place to be sure, it just isn't in the realm of what I call science.

For now, I'm looking for something a bit more concrete. Hard core if you will. My Idea of scientific theory is that it needs to be falsifiable in some manner. These discussions of multiversity as they apply to the concept of ever manifesting timelines based on our beliefs is in the realm of the spiritual or paranormal. They are not falsifiable in any way. By their very nature, they can only EVER be speculative.

That you for your hospitality and the time spent reading my ramblings.
Re:Re:Speaking of multiple timelines...

Greetings, Lee.
I read this here and thought I would mention a book I just finished- "Parallel Universes" by Fred Alan Wolfe. If you haven't read it, you might like it (I elicited from your post). It's hard science, but enjoyable. I thought it was quite good. However, I am of the opinion that with this subject, even our best minds can only speculate.
devotees of this site?

Honestly, I didn't realize this site had devotees. But that's besides the point.

I do not want to limit or restrict the theories on this page. Some people speak of the scientific aspects of time travel. Others choose to address the meta-physical. It is their right, I believe, to explore all aspects of time travel, however esoterique they may be.

Re:devotees of this site?

Yes of course it's ANYONE's right to speak as they choose. I was merely commenting that the metaphysical aspects of it are not MY cup of tea.

Speaking my mind, so to speak.

I'm still interested in knowing if anyone has any hard quantum hypothesis or relativistic theory that addresses the issue.

For instance:
The Einstein Bridge theory to which I have eluded elsewhere involves the passing of quanta from one universe "bubble" to another under certain energy conditions. Does anyone see THIS as a possibly materially exploitable Multiverse theory as opposed to a purely metaphysical one? Or...some other process that could lead to sharing in the participation of any progress in a materialistic sense???

I'm just a pragmatic guy looking for pragmatic ideas. Being a true agnostic, I'm the kinda guy who has to have something to wrap his fingers around before I buy into it. I'm very comfortable being this way. It works for me. It keeps me objective. Hence the original question I posed on my first post here.

"Can anyone think of a Time Travel scenario that doesn't lead to a paradox?"

Stuff like that.

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