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Space Tracking


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This isnt time travel related but its pretty cool. There is alot of stuff orbiting around this little earth!

Space Tracking

NASA offers a great Web site for tracking all sorts of
objects in space, from the International Space Station and
the space shuttle to communications, weather, and science
satellites. The site displays a map of the world, and
offers you plots of the orbits of any craft, and the option
to click to show you when it would be visible from any
place on Earth. There is even a 3D version of the site that
allows you to spin the globe around and see the orbits
spatially. You will need a Java-enabled browser.

Don't miss this great NASA site! Click here to link. http://liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov/realtime/JTrack/Spacecraft.html

*After on the web site go to JTrack-3D!
Thanks for the tip Pamela!
Oh Goodie, now we can all play our role to help Big Brother keep our eyes ("@^@")
on things...kinda like a neighborhood watch program, but a whole lot BIGGER LoL
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