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Mmmm, I remeber seeing someone talking of Nostradamus’ prophecies here. You talk of July 1999, and seem to be sure that’s the deadline for your exit. So let’s address this date.

Let’s look at where the idea comes from in Nostradamus’ text:

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d’effrayeur,
Resusciter le grand Roy d‘Angoulmois.
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.


The year one thousand nine hundreds ninety nine seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of alarm,
To bring back to life the great King of Angoulmois.
Before after Mars to reign by good fortune.

It is very tempting to think of July 1999 when reading this quatrain. But Nostradamus very, very rarely means literally what he says. We must look for a deeper, arcane understanding of the verse.

The answer is that we might read the line quite differently in relation to the Secundadeian system, which Nostradamus himself insisted he was using in the quatrains. This is not the ordinary, familiar calendar, but one in use in occult circles.

In his arcanly written preface “Propheties”, Nostradamus quite clearly tells us that he is using in the quatrains the system of dating which was promulgated by the great occultist, Trithemius. In his arcane references to this dating system, Nostradamus points out that ‘presently we are ruled by the Moon’. This was quite true, for Nostradamus was writing in 1555. According to Trithemius, the lunar arch angel Gabriel, has begun his rule over the ages in 1525. This rule, Nostrdamus tells us, will last until ‘the Sun shall come’. Now, according to Trithemius, the rule of the moon would end about 1881, when the rule of the “Solar” arch angel Michael would begin. ‘And the Saturn’, will follow, says Nostradamus, again echoing Trithemius. The rule of the arch angel of Saturn, Ophiel, would begin in 2235. If we extend these rulerships by the 354 years assigned to each age, we discover something of great interest. Nostradamus is actually writing about a full periodicity of seven arch angelic rules. In theory, the rules of the Moon will commence again in 4005.

When Nostradamus wrote (March 1st 1555) the reign of Gabriel, was already 28 years old. If we subtract 28 years from 4005, we obtain 3977. This is a neurological anagram for the 3797 which Nostrdamus specifically states is the date of the ending of his prophecies. The occult blind (which is so frequently used in arcane literature) is the tranposing of two internal numbers of a date. What Nostradamus is disguising in his exposition of dates is that his prophecies are linked directly with the periodicities of the Secundadeians.

A month (12) of the Trithemian Secundadadeian period of 354 years and 4 months is about 29.5 years. According to the first line of the quatrain, the event is due for the second month of Ol, which is to say 7x29.5 years after the beginning of the rules of Michael. This is 206.5 years after the first year of Michael’s rule, of 1881. This in turn means that the prophecy in this quatrain could well be related to 2087.

One thing we can be sure of is that whether we read the prophecy as relating to 1999 or 2087, the quatrain is not a prediction of the end of the world. Nostradamus admits as much when he insists that this ‘astronomical stanzas (verses)’ relate to the period extending up to the year 3797.

As Nostradamus published the first batchof prophecies in 1555, this means that the predictions extended over a futurity of 2242 years. Now, this is a most interesting figure, for it is very close to one of the great Ages - the divisions of the so-called Great Year (In Medieval astrology, the Great Year is that period of time taken by all the planets to return to a given fiducial: there is no agreement as to how long this period is, but William of Conches believed that it was 49000 years. The Platonic Year was sometimes called the Great Year – this was the processional periods of 25920 years).

In modern times, it is known that, due to precession, the great Year lasts 2160 this precision of dating was not available to Nostradamus, who must have been familiar with at least 6 theories relating to the length of this Great Year. It was widely believed in the 16th Century, that a period of precession was equal to 1 degree in every century. This was the periodicity popularised by Dante, who had followed the writings of the Arabic astrologer, Alfraganus.

Nostradamus even named a location for this prophecy, “cinq & quarante degrez”, which is referred to as 45 degrees. When Nostradamus referred to 45 degrees he may have had in mind the cities Bordeaux, Turin, Pavia, Cremona, Mantua and even (given his clairvoyance) even Minneapolis in the USA. As for the location of the proposed by the irrepressible Roberts, New York, which is wrong as it is 41 degrees latitude – and certainly not San Francisco, which is as low as 36 degrees and nor Chicago (42 degrees).

What ever Nostradamus wrote about or what ever he meant it has never been translated properly. Remember that you can find anything you want if you look hard enough.

If he turns out to be right, I just wish he’d made it before I have to go through the boredem of my A-level exams on July 7th (giggle).

Wow Peter, you certainly do know your Nostradamus. Excellent piece of work on your part!

The date just clicked with me in regards to Xenon's message and I couldn't resist the opportunity to "yank his chain" a little. (I love it when some of these folks come on SO strong.)

I'm saving your dissertation here in case the subject ever comes up again elsewhere for me.


Thank you!

Yeah, Nostrdamus always reverted to deep, arcane astological 16th Century techniques when predicting a precise date in the future.

Some say if we simply invert the digits of 1999, to make 666 (the Devil's number)... I'm not convinced.

Here's one to think of though:

Remember in the Bible; it stated that everything bought and sold would have the Devil's number (666) on it? Well if you look carefully at barcodes you will find two extended lines at the start, middle and end of almost every bar code. I'm told that these lines each stand for the number 6, and as there are 3 of them... 666 ???

Bar codes

Not to worry my friend. The Bar Code to which your sources refer is probably the EAN Format, and most likely the UPC sub-set of this.

The 3 long bars are actually start/stop indicators for the two primary parts of the code. The mfg code on the left and the product code on the right.

Each digit is a fixed width; if you add the width values for any digit, the sum will be 6. The common density appears to be 96 XPI (X-dimensions per inch) or 16 patterns per inch. Each is also followed by an X-dimension space.

A UPC Barcode uses as a check digit a quirky Modulo 10 scheme. The odd numbered digits are multiplied by 3 and added to the even digits. These two numbers are added, and the checksum is equal to the number that would have to be added to this sum to equal the next even multiple of 10. For example, off a can of Coke, the UPC might be 496340, so 3(4+6+4) + (9+3+0) = 54. The next multiple of 10 is 60, so the check digit is 6.

This is probably where the myth comes from, but like our friend Xenon, these folks actually know less Biblical prophecy than Xenon does Nostradamus.)

Note that by "odd" and "even" I mean "positionally-odd" and "positionally-even"; the odd-numbered digits are in the first, third, fifth, and so-on positions, and the evens are in the second, fourth, sixth, etc.

In addition to the data fields, an EAN code contains a start/stop/center character (see above) of the format 1A1A, the only symbology that doesn't conform to the 6-width rule. This is found at the beginning and ending of the symbol and in the center if it is a divided symbol. I.e. - The center one may or may not exist. Check 'em out.

UPC symbols are a subset of EAN. They contain a barcode type value, 6 or 10 data values, and an EAN checksum. The first 5 data values on a 10-digit barcode combine to make the manufacturer code and the last 5 are the product code. The barcode type is almost always 0. It is considered in the checksum. 6 and 7 are other common types.

There are many bar code formats that have nothing to do with the types described above. (Remember, I'm a Software Engineer, I've programmed this stuff albeit years ago. My energies are focused on Telecommunications these days and how folks have their phone and internet time monitored. I used to do Aerospace stuff too. But that's not for THIS Forum.)
Re:To Peter J

Hi Peter

You Seem to be the One to Ask!. What's the approximate number of Nostra's Predictions that have been proven?


If alot, then he somehow could be/see foward in time, Which is what this board seems to be about. Maybe & just Maybe the answer to time travel (if at all Possible)is in his work.

Does his work ever say HOW he is able to see ahead eg. Mind Power, Crystal Ball etc.

And finally, Have you yourself or anybody else ever un covered any shread of evidence that the Nostra Books may be fake, Government or otherwise?

Many Thanks
Re:Re:To Peter J

Hi Rob.

How did Nostradamus do it?

Quantum ad genituram Ioannis filii, quam . . . ad te mitto, in ipso fiontispicio cernere licet duo themata, alterum quidem meo more conjictum, alterum ad viam et trutinam Astrologorum, primum est horoscopi, ascendentis secundum; sed omnia sigmficata ex calculo constant triplici. Nec miraberis, heros nobiliss., a me in ea repetita esse quaedam, quod ideo factum est potissimum, quia planisphaerium cum instrumento abavi mei materni Magistri Io. Sanremigii ad harmoniam Astronomicam coniunxi, ne videlicet descriptio geniturae turpiter exaresceret, et taedium tibi nauseamve adJirret. Muha tamen a nobis sunt consulto omissa, qua si perscribere voluissem, Iliadem mehercule con]bcissem potius, quam iustum geniturae circulum.

For those whose Latin is a bit rough:

As for the chart of your son John, which ... I send you. On the first page of this, it is possible to distinguish two genitures. One has been cast according to my own method, the other according to the via and trutina. The first is by means of the ascendant degree, the second by means of <adjustment of> the ascendant: however all the significators involve a triple calculation. Do not be surprised, most noble sir, <to find> from me a certain repetition, because in this way the thing is done most preferentially, since the astrolabe of my great, great maternal grandfather, Jean de Saint-Remy, has united <the two charts> in an astrological harmony, in order that anything in the account of the horoscope which is unsightly might be extinguished, and <thus> remove anything that might be tedious and upsetting to you. However, many things have. been omitted by us, concerning which I would have wished to write: by my oath, it is an “Iliad” I would rather put together here, rather than a correct circuit of a geniture.

(From a letter addressed by Nostradamus to Hans Rosenberger, regarding the horoscope of the latter's son, dated Salon, 9 September 1561.)

Most of the early portraits of Nostradamus emphasize his role as a star-gazing astrologer, a reminder for us that he came from a background wherein astrology was important. At birth, he might have had his horoscope cast by his maternal grandfather, while he predicted his own death in an astrological document prepared for popular consumption. His famous epitaph, written by his wife, was a fine enough testament to his involvement in the art of the stars: according to this inscription he had been the finest astrologer of his age. To some extent, therefore, the tradition of Nostradamus as a star-gazing astrologer is probably accurate. In some of the more ancient portraits of Nostradamus, one has the impression that he is taking dictation from the stars themselves, with the same 'divine influx' as his contemporary occultists claimed was necessary in true divination.

When commenting upon the personal horoscope of Nostradamus in 1684, the English astrologer John Gadbury reminded his readers of the very first of the aphorisms of the ancient Roman astrologer, Claudius Ptolemy. This translates, 'None indeed but such as are Divinely inspired can predict the particular kinds of things.' Gadbury was wise to remind his readers of what was special about Nostradamus - his divine inspiration - yet, even the fact that Nostradamus was an astrologer has been largely forgotten or ignored by his commentators. This is because, under most circumstances, the references to astrological lore which appear in his quatrains seem either too simple to warrant undue attention, or so complex as to baffle the mind.

The recent discovery of copies of astrological correspondence maintained by Nostradamus has thrown considerable light upon his strange astrological methods. It is evident from these letters that Nostradamus was occupied in the day-to-day business of casting and interpreting horoscopes, as well as in constructing his annual almanacs. Some account of this fairly mundane activity has already been given above. We point to it here mainly because there is a profound contrast between the type of predictive astrology which Nostradanms practised in these daily activities and that which appears in the deeply arcane quatrains of the Prophdties. The one thing which his day-to-day astrology had in common with his quatrains is the tendency for them both to involve prolixity, or arcanity, of expression.

Nostradamus used intensely deep formations of the Green Language, an esoteric device for disguising phrases and words. It took great skill and patience to understand what Nostradamus meant, and one had to get used to the way he wrote to fully understand his writings.

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