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SMOKING GUN? Insectoid Visits Haunt Californian


Insectoid Visits Haunt Californian
August 24, 2000 08:12 CDT
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From the Citizens Against UFO Secrecy comes a new report of visitations FROM alien creatures that is both disturbing and extraordinary.

It's a tale of "J.D." and his family, who describe continued and frequent visits by insectoid creatures over the past two years. CAUS executive director Peter Gersten has reported J.D.'s experiences at the organization's website <URL=http://www.caus.org>www.caus.org</A> and says "my initial impressions are that J.D. is sincere, credible and has the energy of a person who is experiencing something very unusual."

J.D. currently is a fire inspector for a city in California, says Gersten, with no history of substance abuse and no records of arrest. Married for 20 years with 3 children, his experiences with the creatures have been shared with other members of his family. He contacted CAUS earlier this month.

"According to J.D. (not his real name) the creatures enter his home principally through the walls and a closet in his bedroom. He has installed a hidden infrared video camera in his bedroom and has captured the images of these beings. He has also been able to obtain the footprints of a creature," says Gersten, and after one of the visitations discovered a "claw" in the bedroom closet. The California fireman also has video evidence of unexplainable marks that have appeared on his body overnight.

"Memories, videos, footprints are nice to have, but the claw and its analysis could be the closest thing to a 'smoking gun' that I have seen in my 25 years of involvement in this area," says Gersten.

The creatures, which J.D. believes are neither benevolent nor friendly to humankind, behave differently on the occasions they have visited. In one encounter earlier this month, he told Gersten, "I awoke to a noise of the closet door opening. I saw a one-inch in diameter silver colored tube with a light blue colored lens pointing at my head. I jumped up and opened the door all the way. In the closet there was a coat rod with a belt on it gently swinging and a strange odor like what a snake or a tortoise smells like."

In others, he's been taken aboard the creatures' aircraft, and once shown "some type of projection of a destroyed New York City." In still another encounter, he made eye contact with a creature that made a "chirping noise followed by three sharp snaps of its mouth like teeth clicking." At the same time, J.D. said, he felt anger coming FROM it, as though the creature were saying, "What are you doing. Don't interfere with us." And on yet another night, the creatures returned and left a needle mark on his left shoulder and blood on his shirt.

"There are visits at least once a week during most the year," Gersten reports. "The creatures do not seem to be that active in the winter months, though he believes they use remote craft to observe the environment before they enter the area."

As for the claw, J.D. met with a director of a local museum who examined the evidence. Said J.D., "He said there were no animals that he knew that would match the claw and in fact it would be a large animal. He said that it was definitely a claw, but he could not identify it."

"J.D. has been regressed on at least one occasion," says Gersten. "He remembers being taken aboard their craft and to their home planet where, among other things, he saw a structure very similar to what is displayed on the back of our $1 bills, a pyramid with an eye. He has been given messages concerning the future of this planet. He also possesses what appears to be advanced knowledge in physics and other sciences."

Gersten will moderate a workshop this weekend at the Bay Area UFO EXPO in San Jose, where J.D. and his family have agreed to participate and discuss the video, photographic and physical evidence of the insectoid encounters of the past two years. Few would envy their experience.

Staff Writer Sally Suddock

+ There are a lot of more interesting & thought provoking questions to contemplate as to the concerns of our evolutionary origins & their connection to "Other-worldly" beings, for lack of the vanacular...

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