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small taste of time travel



have any of you ever actually experienced time travel? i'd like to know that i'm not alone. i was taken from nov2, 1999 to jan27,2000. i was never sure where i turned back. possibly toward the end of february, that year. when i relived it, i was terribly shaken. i took a little while to figure out what was going on. when i got to the last day, i thought i rememered, upon waking from the journey, i continued to have deja-vu daily, after that. it has diminished to a milder feeling of deja-vu, recently. i don't believe it was simply astral travel. i did not use a machine. it interests me that some theories resemble my experience. it was a parallel universe, however a machine was not necessary. i have considered a possible outer influence. as in, someone else, if any device was necessary, used it on me without my knowledge. it occured around the time i wore a talisman to correct a chakral imbalance. i've also considered the time travel to be an unexpected result of the magickal remedy. in the parallel, a situation was created that did not exist in the consecutive time that we share. around the time of this time travel, i realized that i had similar but shorter parallel reality visits, throughtuot 18 years prior. instead of going a period of time into future or past, it continued like consecutive time then returned me to the start point. i noticed once or twice in my school days that i had lost track of the date. since, i was only a few days off, i blamed my own absent mindedness. in some cases, it lasted hours, minutes or seconds long enough to put words in someone's mouth! i'll keep this short due to the amount of detail involved. if anyone would like to help resolve this experience, you are welcome to contact me at my email: [email protected]
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It is not uncommon for certain people to become sensitive to changes within the Time~Stream that may be associated with different beings, i.e. Human, Alien, or "Other" and yours as I suspect is without uncertainty, no different than anyone else that may have experienced similarly related incidents.
How would I know?
I say this in respect to your feelings about this based upon first hand experiences of my own accord, and many of my associates whom have expressed their own feelings about this & have shared similar experiences with me in the past.

Have I Time Travelled?
Yes, I believe I may have on certain levels of altered states of conciousness that may have been related to TRV, or OBE incidents, as well as having open contact with spiritual entities that have yet to reveal their entire motives & my connection to this as of yet.

Am I building a Time Machine?
Yes, however this is not an easy task, and I must admit that I'm not attempting this one at home alone! Thanks to some of our research members & staff at TAP-TEN Research, I truly believe that this will become a success!

<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."
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A Breakthrough has just occured!
One of our TAP-TEN Research Collegues has just completed another test phase that has yielded the most amazing results!!!
check it out for yourselves...

*Excerpt from the "Star Chamber Website"
Is Time Travel Possible?
Is is possible to construct a machine capable of traveling back into the past?.
The development of a totally new form of teleportation device, called the Star Chamber will attempt to put this theory to the test. This is a genuine attempt at designing and building a device capable of time travel. And this website offers a brief summary of the Star Chamber design.

Latest Website Update:
08/10/01 I planned to download some tests results yesterday (7th Oct) but I was unable to gain access to due to some technical problems. (But Tap-Ten members got a preview of them yesterday)
I hope to download the test results tomorrow night. (9th Oct). Thats if there are no more technical problems.
05/10/01 A few weeks ago I carried out a power up test on the prototype transmitter and during the period I started to experience what appeared to me like memories of being in a place I have never been before. I quickly dismissed it as some sort of dream. But I remember at the time it felt very real.
Since then I have been checking websites, maps, guide books and live webcams of the location. And to me its real scary. As what I remember matches the location so far. How I did it was an accident, and have taken me by surprise. But I have some major concerns about actually publishing all the details of this accidental test.
Actually I find it all to unbelieveable myself. I am planning to download the details on Sunday.
Star Chamber Accidental Time Travel Test
Carried on the 07-08th September 2001

Note: This copy was posted on the Tap-Ten Yahoo group. this time I have posted a copy here so anyone can see what I have written.
I have been experiencing some trouble gaining acess to the Angelfire server, so I have posted it here.
This is a edited version of the webpage I planned to download to my website in the near future. (When its working). I have also deleted the names of the locations for personal reasons.

This test was actually an accidental test, and the events appear to be connected with I tourched the antenna of low power UHF transmitter, carrying a 10-15Hz square wave audio signal. This event occured about four weeks ago, around the 7-8th September 2001. The experience gained from this accidental test, appears to be more like recalling a distance memory or like a flash back. It felt real. It looked real, it sounded real.

The memories I recall of being in place I have never been to before, I could see the environment around. I could touch the environment. I picked a handful up of soil to feel what it was like. I could feel the wind blowing and I could feel the cold. And I could here sounds, like faint traffic noise in the distance. It appeared real at the time.
But what puzzled me that these memories of being in XX, occurred the day before the test. I did not pay to
much attention to these memories at the time. The next day I carried a power up test and nothing dramatic

I started experiencing these strange memories on the 7th September and I ended in XX. And it was a place where its claimed the sun always shines, yet to me it was bloody freezing. There was a cold wind blowing in from the north-west or west. It was blowing in from the sea. But it was sunny with blue skies and high cirrus

The sun was low in the sky so I think it may have been not long after sun rise. The soil was dry and dusty. And it was a red-dark brown colour with tiny bits of roots in it. This soil was on top of the hills. (Yet looking at recent photos of the area the soil appears yellow sandy colour). There was lots bushes or plants on the hillside I could not identify. Some were just 12" high but others looked about 4" tall. And some looked evergreen. (They keep there leaves all year round) .On top of the XX there was taller bushes and some trees.

But I did stand behind a large metal sign on two metal poles. The metal sign was big about 4-5' square with rounded corners and was about 4' off the ground. It was painted white with red and black writing on it. And I think it was somewhere between the XX and the XX. The sign was close to the trackway leading upwards to the top of the hills. And I forgot to read the sign. But I think it had rules or laws on it. I stood behind it to get my head out of the cold wind. I was only wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans and trainers at the time.

I also saw a large 4-wheel truck on top the hills. I think it had a roof rack and aerials on it. I think there was two or three people wearing short sleeve shirts. I couldn't see the colour of the truck or the colour of their cloths. As the sun was behind them and I could only make out silhouettes. I think they were looking at a map on the bonnet on the truck. And one kept pointing at different places. I think they were park rangers or something like that.

I had a look across the city from my position and it was real disappointing view. It was misty or dirty looking.
I could not see buildings in distance clearly due to the misty or fog.

I also remember being near the XX. I walked down a footpath, west of the XX, and around the south side.
I think I actually walked all the way around the XX. Its difficult to recall the memories of the XX.
But it was warmer than being up in the hills. I walked across a open space like a car park, I think it was concrete. It was grey-yellow colour. I think I recall a door way. With a solid looking wooden door with square panels on it. It was a dark hard wood.

At this location I looked across the city and one odd thing was it was sunny, but the cars in town had their lights on. I could see them travelling in straight lines. I could see tall buildings in the distance but I could see them clearly it was misty. At the first location I did not see any cars moving.
I could red and whites lights moving along roads. But many of the buildings looked dark and in shadow with few lights on.

Actually at the first location it appear to me like sunrise but at the second location it appeared like sunset.
I have had trouble recalling all the events. But if I recall being there at both sunrise and sunset, then I could have been there all day. The second location was closed. And there was few people about.

At the second location I do recall a group of young people near the XX. I think there was about 6-8 of them all together. They were between 18-25 years old and some where sitting on a low wall. They were near a low wall to the right of the main entrance to the XX. They were standing around chatting. I could hear them talking. I can only recall what two of them looked like. One man was sitting on the wall and had a dark jacket, maybe black with short fair hair, and he looked at me as I walked passed. The man sitting on the wall said something to one of the women, and she turned and looked at me. I continued walking. But I think they were taking no notice of me. I looked straight ahead, cause some people get a bit touchy when you look at them for a long time. I think I saw one with a beer bottle in his hand.

One of the women was wearing a long skirt or dress. She was also wearing a jacket. And she had her back to me. I really cannot recall what they were wearing, and did not get a good look them. But they were wearing casual cloths and they looked smart. They looked well off young people, not one of them street gangs. I think.

I do recall some other very brief memories, like I was talking to someone at the second location. But it difficult to recall what they look like, and what they said. I also recall sitting on the hillside, thinking I'm stuck here, and I did not know what to do. I had no money, no food or water, and most importantly no cigarettes.


What really puzzles me is I did not remember all this on the 8th of September. This happened the day before on the 7th September. I was at work at the time, and it felt like I was really there in XX. And it was bloody chilly. It was more like a recalling a memory or flash back than a day dream.
I first thought to myself that it was a precognition, and on the 8th of September I carried out a power up test on the prototype transmitter and I was disappointed, cause nothing dramatic happened. And I did end up at the location. So I dismissed that episode as just one of those strange things which can happen. During that power up of the transmitter I just had a brief and strange feeling of moving backwards and downwards by about 6" when I torched the ends of the antenna. I did not think it was real important at the time. But when I went over my notes like in the summaries, I start to think that those unusual memories I can recall, there maybe a connection with the test on the prototype transmitter.

Then, when I was going over the update summary #2. I remember doing this diagram right. It shows a person within the Star Chamber being entangled and splitting into two locations. One into the future and one into the past. When in this state information will flow back can flow between the past and future. (The green line).

And I think more information flows from the future into the past, then info going from the past into the future. Its not just linking up two locations and times, but 3. The past, the present and the future.
This form of information flow rules out many time travel paradoxes, like I cannot go and shoot my grandfather, cause I do not physically travel from one location to another.The only paradox which can occur with this method is the bootstrap paradox.

Another important point I wish to point out is that I think I was at the two locations for sometime, but I can only recall small bits. For example if you recall going on a day trip somewhere, you usually only recall bits of the day trip. Its difficult to recall every single detail.

I don't know what the date or time was in XX. It may have been the 7th or 8th or 9th September. But they are many odd things I cannot explain like the odd colour of the soil. The dirty air over the location. And when I looked at my watch at the locations it was showing the local time, like 08.05am at the first location. And I looked at my watch at the second location and I think was 6.20pm.

Nor can I explain how I got from one location to the other so quickly. This maybe caused by two reasons.
1. The memories of being at the second location was part of another test all together.
2. I may only recall some of the memories & I may have walked from one location to other which took all day.

The drawback with being unable to recall all what happened is your imagination starts to fill in the gaps.
And I have been tried hard not to let this happen. What I have experienced feels real, like recalling a distance
memory, or experiencing a flash back.

I present the information as I recall it. To me this was not very a successful test, as many questions remain unanswered. I hope to address this problem by carrying some more better planned tests. I hope to carry out some new tests closer to home. I will jump to another location close by and record my observations. Then I can actually visit the location and compair the information I gathered during the jump with the actual visit.

Important Observations
The prototype transmitter test occurred on the 8th September.
I experienced the memories on the 7th September.
The date I was at the locations is unknown.
It was between 08.00-08.10am at the first location.
And maybe around 06.00-07.00pm at the second location.
There was a cold wind blowing in from sea.
It was sunny with blue skies and high Cirrus clouds.
There was dry red-dark brown soil on top of the XX.
It was misty or foggy. I could not see the city clearly.
There was a large a metal sign with rules or laws printed on it, near the second location.
There was group of young people wearing smart cloths outside the second location.
There was 2-3 people with a 4-wheel drive car on top of the hills by the first location.
There is no physical proof I actually visited the locations.
This may also sound fantastic but I still have a great deal of work to do. I will not be happy until I have repeated this test to make absolutely shall that what I have stated is correct.
In some ways I hope I'm wrong, cause if I am right, it scares the sh*t out of me.
Much to be said about "Vision" it is this ability that gives of the ability to create from what we visualize, but that in itself is an Enigma, for some of these ideas just did not simply "Pop" into our minds out of nowhere, Alas they must have come from "somwhere" and it is that matrix aether, from the collective realm of higher conscious as to perhaps explain where some of these greatest visions may have originated from.

An even more intriguing question is what is the source of this matrix aether, and who do those thoughts get there in the first place, did not they too originate from another source?<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."
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