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Slightly off topic

Yes, I believe we are here, in this plane of exsistance, to learn. That can take more then one life time. And having a seemingly limited exsistance motivates us to learn as much as possible.
I dont belive in past lives
the I dea that our soul would leave one body jsut to enter another instead of staying out side of the body where it has more freedom is abserd.
I'd have to say I'm sorta with you on this Bo. Without delving into the religious implications of these matters, I'd have to ask somewhat the same question you do. In other words, "Why would I want to do that".

But then, who am I? Certainly part of who I am is indeed the chemical makeup of my body, my brain, and the thoughts produced within that brain. Is there an etherial "me" beyond all of that? Maybe, is my answer. But even if there is, that etherial "me" would be apart from and not defined by, the physical me. so...

Does this etherial energy that constitutes a "me" exist as a single entity outside of my physical self? Unknown. It would seem logical that perhaps not, since the physical "me" is what constitutes the unique "me". If this etherial "me" exists as an individual entity outside the physical "me", what holds this energy together that defines this "me"?

The religious person will say God. Ok. I won't argue religion here, and maybe this person would be correct.

But still, as you say, why would I want to "go around" again as a physical "me"? Wouldn't my etherial self prefer that state to this one?

If I have an etherial state, my guess is that it would.


I have one of those books of weird things that have happened, and there's one section in particular that is pretty strange. Throughout history there have been cases of 'life without brains'

There was a baby that was born and lived for over a week. He ate, slept, moved, and cried. Only after he died did they find out his head was completely empty.

There was also a man who was slightly paralyzed that lived to around fifty. During his autopsy they only found a few ounces of water between his ears.

Was it his soul that kept him alive?

Or was there a perfectly scientific explaination? Like some kind of unknown
feature of DNA?

You have to think, "How many people are walking around without any brains?"
I think with the baby with no brain seems normal if it only had the brain stem which is the basis for a brain which alot of animals only have, where alot of animals just eat breath and sleep.
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