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Skin Mu's Theory of temporal displacement



Skin Mu\'s Theory of temporal displacement

When the Skin - peth Rho theory is put into the Quantum Relativity theory a new form appears, this has been refered to as the Colinear Rhopethanic Theory of Trithearic Temporal Displacement, or in other words.... TIME TRAVEL.

But if the burbelentay factum shall succeed the previous triple belt tap
objective, the Hotch Potch shall not be ralative to the Skin Well factor.

This is what i belive to be true.
Re: Skin Mu\'s Thoery of Temporal Displacement : I FEEL I MUST APOLOGISE!!!

This is for anyone who has read Biggz and Hawky's theory.

These are temporal theorist reserch students who have a particular humour towards one of our lecturers.

This is simply a personal joke that they've taken too far!!!

One of out lecturers has these phrases and we have blown them a bit out of proportion!!!

Its REALLY FUNNY if you know who were on about!!!

SORRY to: Mop, Admin.


From: Peter J. Attwood. (A serious Temporal Theorist!!!)
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