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simple time travel devices


Would a camera or video camera be considered a simple time travel device? I can use it to capture a moment which I can then visit over and over again at a future date.

I can capture a single moment with a still photograph, and I can capture an experience with a video camera. These seem like simple forms of time travel. The next level would be to sumberse yourself into a past experience or moment. To actually be able to be in that captured time.

hmmmmm. bah.
I think you've got it right. For example right now the computer is letting me hear My band playing on 9/13/96. Isn't this time travel? If I close my Eyes I'm there!
Yes and paintings create alternate realities. My favorite alternate reality is the ninja turtles, I want to visit that reality in real life. Wait a minute, that isn't really the past traped in a little glass box, that is light imprinted on film, so that when other light passes through it images appear. This is not really time travel at all. I think your thinking of recorded history, instead of actual events, recent studies show there is a difference.
You've got a good point there. DVD's too might be considered a time travel device to me.
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