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Side Shift Of The Light Spectrum


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We all know that red-shift or blue-shift indicate whether a light source is moving towards us or away from us, but I hypothesize another 'shift' involving stars with paths perpendicular to earth. If you are driving by person in a car, and you throw a ball directly at them, then you will miss because the car has a velocity of its own. If a star is emitting light, and it is in movement (all known are), then will the light move diagonally and outwards like if you threw a ball from a moving car, or will it radiate directly from its source on its own vector?

Excellent question!!

Experiment to test for answer;

Mount a small sturdy light sourse on the axle of a 30,000 rpm motor. Run spectral analisys with motor stopped, then check it again with motor running.

If the light waves act as a rigid bar (which I doubt) they will be going sideways at superluminal speed by the time they are a mile or so from the spinning light. Maybe the light leaves the atom instantainously so that the atom doesn't move at all within the zero timespan of photon ejection.

Relativity says that the speed of light is the same for all observers. This would propably include the latteral speed also.
So the latteral speed would be zero in effect. But in that case how does the light beam know the speed and direction of its future landing spot?

Anybody else? I rather let Einstein HAVE his relativity cause I've never been able to figure it out. My theroy is that ligh does what ever it feels like doing and lets you know about it later.
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