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Share your Psychic Experiences


I would like to hear from folks about their strange and unexplained experiences?

Has anyone had a prophetic dream?
Or have you heard from relatives or loved ones that have passed on?
Or did you grow up in a haunted house?
Or have you been able to see or hear or know what was happening to someone some distance from you?

For starters, I will share my experience from last saturday. It wasn't ground shaking, but saturday morning I was having a dream about familty members in a strange house (that I dream about alot but have never been to) and all of a sudden, in the basement, there began to seep this water that was electric blue. The house flooded in my dream. When I awoke, there was no water in my house. A block away a water main had broke and had flooded the street. I thought it was strange.

I have had many 'odd' psychic experiences, but have had one dream that did actually happened. This was a long time ago. My dream was that I was going to my swimming lesson with my sister, we get the bus there and the bus went past the stop and we then had to walk back a short way to cross the road. That was the dream, very simple. The next day when my sister and I were actually going swimming, the exact thing happened and I only got this wave of 'oh my god' when we'd finished crossing the road and my dream came back to me and I realised I'd dreamt it in exact detail the night before, very very odd and I can't explain it. I suppose a theory for deja vu could be that we dream these events, but don't remember dreaming them and then we reach the actual event we feel like we've done it before!!! <font color="black"> [/COLOR] /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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