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Searching for a book


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Hey all

First post here, but been lurking away for a while. I'm wondering if anyone can help in finding a book that I've been looking for which was about possible examples of time travel. I'veprobably not got enough info to say here since I only caught a short extraction in one of our newpapers (Daily Mail). It was written around 3-4 years ago, or maybe less; the author was female but the name escapes me, as well as the name of the book. The extraction in the paper talked about events such as the USS Eldritch, Montauk, the discovery of human and dinosaur fossils in the same place, etc. Pretty much covered most of the higher profile cases.

Sorry for the lack of info. but it'd be nice to find out who wrote this book, so I can finally stop racking my brain. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Could it be "The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity"
by Alexandra Bruce? I haven't read it myself but supposedly it covers those topics and came out in 2001.
That's exactly it, the title you mentioned rings a bell in my head. I was always meanign to buy it when I read the extract, but time, and losing the paper got the better of me.

Thank you so much, great memory you have.

ctually, I did a google search for "Montauk" until I found a reference to a book. The first book was witten by a man, the second I found was written by a woman. The description included the topics you mentioned. You're welcome.
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